Festive Chocolates from Bonham’s Bonbons

[AD] Festive Chocolates from Bonham’s Bonbons were just the festive pick me up I needed and a great gift idea!

Charlotte, the chocolatier, sent me a festive box of her hand made chocolates to try recently.

If you want some delicious Southampton artisan home made chocolates to gift or for yourself, shh I won’t tell anyone, you’ll want to take a look at these…

Bonham's Bonbons in Southampton, Hampshire

Bonham’s Bonbons

I’ve been following and supporting Charlotte since she started Bonham’s Bonbons in 2020 during lockdown.

From her first salted caramel creations, which I couldn’t get because they sold out so fast, to her boozy confectionary the local business is going from strength to strength. And, it’s no surprise because the chocolates are incredible!

With a catering background, working for some of the best hotels and restaurants in Hampshire, Charlotte’s incredible creations are now available for us to have at home.

In addition to her main job she’s also launched Bonham’s Bonbons, from her home in Southampton. I could barely function in lockdown and this woman has launched a kick-ass local business. What a superstar!

Festive Selection Box

Bonham’s Bonbons creates chocolates for all occasions and I was sent the Limited Edition Festive Selection Box.

In the festive selection box are three delicious flavours…
🍊 Spiced Orange Caramel
🥃 Fruity Boozy Brandy
🍪 Gingerbread

They look like mini works of art – the jewel tone metallic swirls and perfect glossy finish make them very enticing. And, they look like something you’d pick up from Fortnum and Mason’s as a treat.

The brandy had a real kick, the spicy orange caramel was like a Jaffa cake on steroids and I think my favourite was the gingerbread. It wasn’t synthetic tactic, and the ginger wasn’t overpowering – it is so well balanced.

I felt very decadent sharing these while watching Christmas movies this week and I enjoyed every mouthful. 

A posh chocolate is one of my absolute favourite indulgences and I think pretty essential at Christmas time. There’s something wonderfully guilt free about it.

They are particularly beautiful chocolates and, trust me when I say they are as delicious as they look. They would make a smashing and rather luxurious gift to the chocolate lover in your life! 

Festive Selection Box from Bonham's Bonbons in Southampton, Hampshire

Local Southampton Confectionary

You can get your hands on some of these incredible chocolates for future gifts and celebrations by contacting Bonham’s Bonbons on Instagram, Facebook or by emailing directly at bonhamsbonbons@gmail.com.

And, at the same time be very comfortable and just a little bit smug in the knowledge that you’re helping to support a local Southampton business. Especially if you’re reading this in 2020 and 2021 – because old coronavirus is making everyone’s life a total living nightmare.

For the latest releases, selection boxes and prices it’s best to check…

Bonham’s Bonbon’s Facebook page


Bonham’s Bonbon’s Instagram page

Supporting local has never been so sweet!

Charlotte from Bonham’s is so lovely and didn’t ask me to share anything, this was a surprise thank you for offering her support (how sweet is that?). 

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