Hampshire’s Chawton House and New Exhibition ‘Man Up!’

Hampshire’s Chawton House and New Exhibition ‘Man Up!’

ᵃᵈ My International Women’s Day 2020 was next level! I was invited to a curator’s talk to launch a brand new exhibition about strong women called ‘Man Up: Women who stepped into a man’s world’ at Chawton House!

Not only was the historic house, in the heart of Hampshire, a fantastic travel discovery but, the insight into the exhibition from its creator added another dimension.

Learning about all those strong women who stepped up and thrived in a predominantly male environment was so interesting and gave me a real education to what life was like during the eighteenth century.

I felt very lucky I could take my Mum and experience this unique exhibition with her on International Women’s Day – what a fantastic memory to have!

Take a look at Chawton House and the new Man Up! exhibition…

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Bottomless Tacos at Bonita’s in Portsmouth

Bottomless Tacos at Bonita’s in Portsmouth

17You change your mind, like a girl changes clothes…

For the ever indecisive of us, and yes I class myself within this group, bottomless tacos, where you can pick any of and as many of the tacos as you like, is the DREAM!

And, that’s where Bonita’s Southsea steps in with it’s Taco Tuesday offer – it corners the market and conquers it. Actually it stamps all over the competition unapologetically while telling you you’re pretty and feeding you tacos.

Bonita’s has landed bringing its own blend of fusion Mexican food, humorous cocktails and Beyonce Brunches to the South Coast.

Heading to Portsmouth? You’re going to want to check this restaurant out because those tacos are hella-good!

And, don’t forget your camera because, Bonita’s is as pretty as a picture and you’re going to want to put it on your Instagram…

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The Liberty Lounge launches in Portsmouth

The Liberty Lounge launches in Portsmouth

There’s not many places after school and University where you can go to learn, grow and find your identity.

I don’t know about you but I’m still evolving, I don’t ever think we stop. Weirdly, some people think this stops as we get older? And, there isn’t many spaces to explore your interests or who you are.

I’m so pleased that a new creative space for women has opened in Southsea – I’m so here for this!

It’s called The Liberty Lounge and, using their words, they’ve opened a ‘mind-gym’. I love this concept and can’t wait to see what they do with the space, how they’ll support women and what classes and workshops they’ll hold.

Take a look at The Liberty Lounge

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Friday night burgers at Croxton’s Kitchen & Tap House in Portsmouth

Friday night burgers at Croxton’s Kitchen & Tap House in Portsmouth

I love a good Friday night vibe and I had such a fun time catching up over burgers with a friend at Croxton’s Kitchen & Tap House in Southsea, Portsmouth.

It’s a great hang out, with a diverse menu and the bar is well stocked with an ever changing range of beers, ales and IPAs, not to mention a delicious range of cocktails!

Two burgers coming right up…

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A spa day at Southampton Harbour Hotel

A spa day at Southampton Harbour Hotel

ᵃᵈ* How often do you get a whole day to yourself, responsibility free, and getting pampered?

No, I know, not that often, so when they come around you’ve got to make the most of them!

Recently the team at Southampton Harbour Hotel were unbelievably kind and invited me to try out HarSPA, a beautiful zen zone packed full of tranquil treats.

This spa in central Southampton is a real hidden gem in the city. Take a look because everyone needs a little luxe in their life now and then and this might be just the right escape for you, it certainly was for me!

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King Arthur’s Round Table in The Great Hall, Winchester

King Arthur’s Round Table in The Great Hall, Winchester

The Great Hall in Winchester is home to one of the greatest symbols of medieval mythology…King Arthur’s Round Table!

Surrounded by the remains of Winchester Castle, built by William the Conquerer no less, it is an iconic piece of the city that’s tucked away at the top of the high street.

It’s definitely another tick off the bucket list for me and I am so glad I found it, I’m not a big history buff but, King Arthur’s table is seriously impressive!

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The Winter Garden at Mottisfont in Romsey

The Winter Garden at Mottisfont in Romsey

Travel, exploring and discovering something completely new comes in so many different forms. You don’t have to go far to find a little bit of everyday magic.

A garden that comes to life in the depths of winter is something really special. The winter garden at Mottisfont in Romsey was full of bright, colourful plants that could brighten up even the dullest day!

Getting some fresh air, stretching my legs and admiring the beautiful plants in bloom was a great way to brighten up January.

Take a look…

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Christmas at Mottisfont in Romsey

Christmas at Mottisfont in Romsey

There’s nothing quite like catching the last of the Christmas feels just before Twelfth Night!

Just because the festivities are over doesn’t mean you have to be done with all those gorgeous decorations and twinkly lights.

I’m loving making the most of my National Trust membership and ticking some local travel hotspots off my bucket list!

Take a look around the gorgeous estate at Mottisfont in Romsey. It embraced a Flower Fairy theme to celebrate Christmas and bring a touch of the beautiful gardens and a bit of fairy magic to the inside of the house.

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Support local with Love Southsea

Support local with Love Southsea

ᵃᵈ  Love Southsea is an established independent market scene in Portsmouth – one well worth popping by if you’re visiting the city!

Take a look at the brand built by Pompey born and bred, Lulu, who’s championing Southsea across Portsmouth and beyond.

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An evening at Winchester Christmas Market 2019

An evening at Winchester Christmas Market 2019

In the crazy countdown to Christmas every weekend in the lead up was fully booked and this year’s annual trip to the Winchester Christmas Market was in jeopardy!

It always makes me feel festive and as it’s so close to home and I was gutted at the thought of missing out on it.

Spontaneity struck and Friday night after work I picked up Henry and surprised him with a visit in the evening.

Take a look at how stunning the market is as night…

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