Wetsuits for all?

Wetsuits for all?

As I search the pages of Google, surf brands, budget sports brands, high end sports brands and more, I realise that finding a wetsuit, if you’re not a size 0-14, is hard.

And, I began to feel disheartened, fed up, a bit resentful I’m not a lithe Victoria’s Secret Model, and as if the sports I like doing aren’t really for people like me. I do not feel welcome. But, I like being in the sea, I want to get fitter, where are the brands for people like me?

Today’s post takes a conversational turn away from the normal reviews, guides and tried and tested bits of #KitForYourTrip.

But, it poses a good question to my fellow curvy people who love travel and sports. Where are the inclusive wetsuits?

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Osprey Sojourn 80 Convertible Wheeled Travel Backpack

Osprey Sojourn 80  Convertible Wheeled Travel Backpack

Looking for a suitcase that you can wheel or wear?

It took me a long time to find a bag that ticked all my travel needs and could adapt to a trip that consisted of a mix of back packing, hostel, motel and hotel staying.

I couldn’t find anything that was versatile enough, I needed something that would make airport life manageable but, also something that could go on my back if the situation called for it.

When I laid eyes on the Osprey Sojourn 80, I knew it was the one. It is the hybrid of suitcases because it has proper backpack hiking straps, wheels and a pull along handle – all while being big enough for a month long trip.

The obsession continued for about a month before I gave in and bought it for my trip to Australia. It did not disappoint, I love it and here’s why…

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Teva Sandals

Teva Sandals

Take a look at my review of Teva sandals if you are you looking for a great all round shoe for your next adventure.

Getting the right kit for your trip is really very important. Finding decent shoes is a real struggle especially when you’re trying to fit a month’s worth of clothes and supplies to fit in a 20kg suitcase.

Before heading to Australia I did so much research to find great items that would be versatile, would mean I could pack light and above all else were quality and could survive the elements and being put through its paces.

Footwear is tricky when your travel adventure has you hiking in rainforest and up mountains one moment, clambering through rock pools the next and then hitting the city to sight see.

I discovered Teva a week before I left and thanks to next day delivery I’ve had a solid two years of adventuring with excellent sandals!

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Join me using new hashtag #KitForYourTrip

Join me using new hashtag #KitForYourTrip

I’ve started my first hashtag called #KitForYourTrip

Join me by sharing your top kit picks, recommendations and advice on #KitForYourTrip across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Let’s start an amazing community full of awesome gear for your travels, you could uncover something that makes your travel experience better, easier or safer!

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