Wetsuits for all?

As I search the pages of Google, surf brands, budget sports brands, high end sports brands and more, I realise that finding a wetsuit, if you’re not a size 0-14, is hard.

And, I began to feel disheartened, fed up, a bit resentful I’m not a lithe Victoria’s Secret Model, and as if the sports I like doing aren’t really for people like me. I do not feel welcome. But, I like being in the sea, I want to get fitter, where are the brands for people like me?

Today’s post takes a conversational turn away from the normal reviews, guides and tried and tested bits of #KitForYourTrip.

But, it poses a good question to my fellow curvy people who love travel and sports. Where are the inclusive wetsuits?

Wetsuit Hunting

I’m about to spend a week on the beach body boarding every day and my hunt has yielded absolutely nothing. Endless pages of people with 5% body fat showing off what could be.

All I want is a bit of kit, so I can get out on my body board or my paddle board as the colder weather starts to draw in.

I don’t even need anything fancy but, even the budget brands I’ve been recommended have failed to provide. Equally, I don’t really want to spend £300 on something I’m going to bash about body boarding in.

I just need to stay warm, and no my additional body fat won’t do that. I say this because there’s bound to be some body shaming, troll lurking here, and if I say the negative comments before you even make them well then I’m not in for a shock and I can protect myself. I’m well aware I wouldn’t have this issue if I was smaller. Jog on if you can’t say anything nice.

Yes, I’m defensive. Yes, it’s personal. That’s why I’m sharing this. I can’t be alone, can I? I love travelling and water sports, so there must be some others too. Where are my curvy water sport loving ladies at?

I say ladies but really I mean everyone – guys, gals and non-binary pals – anyone with a booty, broad shoulders and just the one ab.

Wetsuits for all? Searching for wetsuits that fit people in a range of sizes.
That’s me searching for other curvy Watersport loving guys, gals and non-binary pals.


The more I thought about it, the more I realised these brands aren’t welcoming people like me, they don’t want my peachy bum in their wetsuits. Dang. Even typing it stings. Younger me thought I’d be Cameron Diaz or Kate Hudson and instead I’m housing both J-Lo and Beyonce’s bottoms.

And, then it struck me, I don’t know what my options are? This was promptly followed by anger, shame, embarrassment and more self loathing.

Hmm, so I can freeze my ass off in my swimsuit and a rash vest like last year or maybe look at male wetsuits that perhaps don’t fit right or, or what? What are my options?

Ugh, I’m already full of enough self loathing, preparing for a holiday should be fun, right?

Well, it’s back to trawl the pages of Google to find a solution.


Why should I feel that shame? I actively want to be fit and healthy and take part in sports, so where’s the kit to help me on my journey?

I hate that I let it hold me back, dumb me down, or not let me enjoy a dip in the sea. Shame is powerful and I am so over it. I want to enjoy my holiday. I want to enjoy travel experiences that require a wetsuit.

Suggestions Welcome

I have to throw this one out to the crowd, where do get your wetsuits from? Are you also a curvier person who loves water sports? Where can you find wetsuits that cater for people who are over a size 14?

I wanted to do a #KitForYourKit article of great places to find wetsuits if you’re a bit curvier but, so far I’m struggling. Finding kit for your trip shouldn’t be this hard. Where are the wetsuits for all?

Suggestions are welcome in the comments box below, unless it’s along the lines of lose weight, or starve yourself this week. All hateful body-shaming comments will be removed because nobody has time for that crap, grow up already. I know I sound so defensive but, I really don’t have time for people’s toxicity, life’s already hard enough and none of us have to tolerate that.

I want this post and the comments to be useful to someone who might be in a similar situation.

Wetsuit shame is not talked about. I have such wetsuit shame, it’s unreal, and this conversation is to find some solutions and hopefully help you out if you feel the same way. You are not alone.

I want to feel powerful, confident and comfortable in the waves like everyone else!

Previous Suggestions

Oh I’ve already asked some friends and had Decathlon suggested many times. But, it is continuously sold out or has only relatively small sizes available.

Let me know your suggestions in the comments section below.

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