Kit For Your Trip – Osprey Sojourn 80 Convertible Wheeled Travel Backpack

Bex at the Airport with her Osprey Sojourn 80 pulling a silly pose in front of the check in desk

Looking for a suitcase that you can wheel or wear?

It took me a long time to find a bag that ticked all my travel needs and could adapt to a trip that consisted of a mix of back packing, hostel, motel and hotel staying.

I couldn’t find anything that was versatile enough, I needed something that would make airport life manageable but, also something that could go on my back if the situation called for it.

When I laid eyes on the Osprey Sojourn 80, I knew it was the one. It is the hybrid of suitcases because it has proper backpack hiking straps, wheels and a pull along handle – all while being big enough for a month long trip.

The obsession continued for about a month before I gave in and bought it for my trip to Australia. It did not disappoint, I love it and here’s why…

Essential Features

I originally bought this bag for my trip around Australia which saw me stopping in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and the Whitsundays travelling by every method you can possibly think of. I needed a bag that would match the level of my adventure and the Osprey Sojourn 80 fit the bill.

Obviously the initial top three wants were simple but super important… it had to be big, light and tough AND have wheels and straps.

The Osprey Sojourn 80 is…

  • 80 litres and 71L / 36W / 35W cms aka narrow, long and enough space to hold clothes and shoes for an entire month.

There’s also straps on the inside which trust me, is great for smooshing everything you need in while keeping it in place. The mesh side pockets and front panel pockets also helps.

  • 4.5kgs – for a convertible suitcase that’s strong, has wheels and straps in a hidden compartment.
  • It’s made from ballistic nylon and is like super hero tough.

Ballistic Nylon? Don’t worry, I didn’t have a clue what that meant either. I mean is it nylon that’s got real mad or is it the latest development by James Bond tech wizard Q? My vote’s James Bond, sounds good, must be true.

*Quickly Googles…*

Well it pretty much is the latter, Ballistic Nylon is a material invented by a chap called DuPont in the Second World War to protect servicemen on aircraft from shrapnel and bullets. I’m not joking. This bag is one tough cookie with a heritage. My James Bond punt was very close to the mark.

Hello Ballistic Nylon bag!

Versatile Features

This bag has lots of great little extra features like adjustable front straps and a fabric extension revealed by a zip on the front. These are very useful because it means you can fill it up and then strap it down to make it the right size whether it’s under or over filled.

The straps was very handy when going to Australia. I packed so lightly so I could bring things back with me and I really took advantage of the space. In addition to my clothes on the way home this bag also fit in six large location Starbucks mugs, three large hardback cookbooks, several Australian themed Christmas decorations, four new items of clothes and one pair of flip flops, two new bags, a gold hanging ornament for the house and my new travel dairy. The bag was almost double the weight. 😂

If you want to get super geeky about it, and trust me I did and I still do, the bag has a few security features. There’s padded sidewalls to protect your stuff, an emergency whistle on the chest strap, a little pocket for liquids and valuables and lockable zips.

Also, if you need a backpack in addition to this bag, it’s compatible with the Osprey Daylite Series which attaches on the front like a little turtle shell.

And, if you don’t have one of those, there’s loops on the front that you can attach things too.

They see me rolling…

It’s been a fantastic bag, it looks as good as when I first bought it and it’s been put through its paces around the world on big and small trips.

The view of the Sojourn 80 from above

I’ve been really impressed by the quality and how well designed the Osprey Sojourn 80 is and that’s why it’s my favourite bag to travel with.

Growing my Osprey Collection

This is not my first Osprey bag, my collection is ever growing and I use them all the time. My first was a Fairview 40 and then I also bought a Transporter I think the 130 if not the 95, and two of the Ultralight Stuff Packs, one for me and one for the boyfriend. My eye may be on one of the new smaller Arcane Tote bags too, it has a roll top and looks great for day tripping.

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