Join me using new hashtag #KitForYourTrip

I’ve started my first hashtag called #KitForYourTrip

Join me by sharing your top kit picks, recommendations and advice on #KitForYourTrip across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Let’s start an amazing community full of awesome gear for your travels, you could uncover something that makes your travel experience better, easier or safer!

I’ve never tried to start a hashtag before, so this could go horribly wrong! If you like the idea and have a bit of kit you think is AMAZING and want to share it’s awesomeness then join in using one of the channels below.

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Bright Lights Big City Blog

My first post for #KitForYourTrip goes live on Friday 8 December 2019!

I’m really looking forward to

seeing your kit recommendations

and sharing mine with you!

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