An early start for Record Store Day 2019 at Winyl

Oh hi 6am, I love seeing you after less than four hours sleep! 😂😂😂

Despite the total lack of sleep, and three long drives the day before, the lure of Record Store Day 2019 [RSD] was one I couldn’t resist.

This year Henry (the better, more numerically minded, other half) and I headed to his home town of Manningtree to an amazing independent record shop called Winyl.

Come and take a look around this absolute gem of a record store and the limited edition records we managed to buy.

It was utterly freezing that morning, the perfect late winter, early spring crisp and icy cold! Brrrrr! Thankfully Henry’s Mum packed us with hot water bottles and a cup of tea to keep the cold at bay for little bit. How cute is that?!

We strolled out of Henry’s parents house and became eleventh in the queue to see if we could get a few limited edition record store day treats.

It was a long two hour wait, but the clever clogs at Winyl had us covered with bacon sandwiches and hot drinks. I’ve never known a record store to do this and thought it was a great touch. The bacon sarnie was excellent (lots of bacon, real butter and a massive bun!) and kept the wolf from the door while we shopped for records!

Winyl had a little ticketing system on the go to make sure things were fair and square when trying to get the special records released on the day. They also kept it to ten people in the store at a time, one in, one out so you could browse records in peace.

We were chuffed to find out we’d secured our copy of Hot 8 Brass Band’s bright blue limited edition EP!

Thankfully just as the chill really began to set in, two people came out of the store, and Henry and I could go in to browse. Phew – I was nearly at frost bite stage!

Winyl is as it sounds, it sells wine and vinyl, and as well as stocking the limited edition releases for RSD 2019 it held a program of music performances for record store day in the afternoon.

Once inside we were greeted by the biggest wine rack with an interesting array of bottles. Then to the right and along the back room the space is just filled to the brim with records and a tiny seating area.

There is also regular live performances and a record player so you can preview records – it’s all laid out ready for a cosy experience and a glass of wine.

Winyl has an excellent selection of records, new and second hand, all at a reasonable price point and that’s rare to say of the record stores down south!

I could have bought so many records but, the one that really caught my eye, and had to come home with me was the new album released by Billie Eilish. It’s called ‘When we all fall asleep, where do we go?’ and it’s a cracker from start to finish – I’m really impressed that you can listen to the album as a whole and enjoy it all.

I was almost put off of buying it in the store. A chap I was stood next too said that I could get an emerald green version of the record if I ordered directly online. I like buying in store though and I knew I wanted to listen to it right away. Luckily I stuck to my guns and it came home with me. I am so glad I did buy it then as when I opened it a gorgeous peachy record greeted me. Win!

It was a lovely morning, but we definitely went to find coffee after which was much needed after we were up so early!

I can’t wait to go back for wine and vinyl fun times, we’ll have to make a trip back soon!

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