You don’t have to be an eggs-pert to crack Instagram!

On Instagram who’s got…

✔️ The most likes ever – 43.3 million likes and growing!

✔️ 6.5 million follower and growing!

✔️ One blue tick

✔️ Complete anonymity

An egg. 🥚

Yes you heard right, a picture of a plain egg has beat ‘queen’ Kylie Jenner to the ‘most liked photo’ spot on Instagram.

And, it’s really made the Kardashian’s blood boil that she’s no longer top of the pecking order!

Eggs-pect all the egg jokes FYI!

Before the egg, this is the photo of Kylie Jenner’s that had the most likes on Instagram

If you haven’t seen the egg, it’s the featured image of this post and here is the egg’s account…

According to Nick Grimshaw from BBC Radio one, someone in the UK is responsible for the egg picture but, as no one seems to know who the egg belongs to, not even Forbes. We’ll have to take it with a pinch of salt until it all comes out! But, whoever it is will have a real feather in their cap with such an achievement!

Apparently Forbes has spoken to ‘Eugene Egg’ via email and Eugene said: “I thought it would be an interesting experiment to try and beat the record with something as basic as possible. Which led to me deciding on the egg. I guess it’s also a comment on celebrity culture and how fragile and easily cracked it is (pun intended). But really I just thought it would be funny if something as simple as an egg could take the crown.”

“That the internet is amazing. But it wasn’t me that achieved it, it was the Egg Gang. Haha, no hard feelings Kylie. All’s fair in love and war,” added Eugene.

Kylie Jenners response was brilliant, she literally cracked an egg on the pavement with the caption, ‘Take that little egg’…

Watch the video here:

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Take that little egg

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What have we learnt? When it comes to the internet, all bets are off and maybe we should all take it a little less seriously if a plain egg can make it to the top. Sometimes it pays to keep things simple. It also means that anything, and I mean ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. You don’t need a big budget to win at social media.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget your egg merch, only 9 hours left apparently… 😂

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