The Winchester Christmas Lights 2020

The Winchester Christmas Lights are a highlight in the Hampshire calendar every year.

If you live near and need to get in the Christmas spirit consider a winter walk around Winchester.

And, if you can’t get out for whatever reason, here’s a peek at the city’s festive lights…

The Winchester Christmas Lights

It’s a great way to use that daily exercise slot, get some fresh air and see the pretty festive lights.

Due to different tiers and lockdown situations I know it’s hard to get out to see places in Hampshire right now.

I took some snaps so you don’t have to miss out, or you can plan your own route and stops for a visit over Christmas.

Pick up a mulled wine or festive drink and take a wander around this enchanting city. We went fairly late at night which was perfect because it was oh so quiet and we didn’t come into contact with a soul.

A Festive Drink

There’s loads of places that stay open a bit later on in the evening so, you can pick up a mulled wine or festive drink to go too…

There’s also plenty open earlier in the day too…

Christmas Lights in the City

Here’s a tiny tour of my favourite Christmassy places to stop and look at the lights in Winchester. Everything on this list is within easy walking distance from each other.

Winchester Cathedral

The Cathedral is always magical, and I love how the trees in the surrounding park match!

The Winchester Christmas Lights at Winchester Cathedral

Kingsgate Village

This charming corner of Winchester is my favourite. A great pub, book shop, gift shop and more, it always feels like a movie set.

The Winchester Christmas Lights at Kingsgate Village

Talking of favourite bookshops, P&G Wells always looks great but, even better with twinkly fairy lights.

The Winchester Christmas Lights at P&G Wells Book Shop

Winchester Guildhall

The Winchester Guildhall is a beautiful bright purple with fun snow like fairy lights. My picture honestly does not do it justice, it looks so grand and so pretty in real life.

The Winchester Christmas Lights at Winchester Guildhall
Winchester Guildhall with Christmas Lights

The High Street

If you head to Winchester you really do need to walk the length of the high street. There’s a few nooks and side streets to explore and the lights go right up to the gate at the top of the hill and it’s lovely to walk down.

The Winchester Christmas Lights on Winchester High Street

On the high street a lot of the shops and restaurants make a real effort too. One of my personal favourites is The Ivy, which puts on displays all year round and is always a delight to look at.

The Winchester Christmas Lights at The Ivy

The Buttercross Monument is also on the high street and beautifully lit up. It’s always been a meeting point and focal point to the city.

The Winchester Christmas Lights at the Buttercross Monument

The Chesil Rectory also is nice to walk down to, and what you can’t see in the image is all the beautiful winter foliage surrounding the door and windows. Again, my picture does not do this justice!

The Winchester Christmas Lights at Chesil Rectory

The high street is a great place to start on a wander of the city to view the lights.

The Winchester Christmas Lights on the high street

A Festive Evening

A festive evening walk is a fantastic and safe way to take in the lights away from the daytime crowds.

Let me know if you pick up a drink and walk around the city to take in the lights. Or, if you’ve enjoyed a bit of Christmas in this post!

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