Why has the UN sacked Wonder Woman?

Did you know that the United Nations appointed Wonder Woman as an honourary ambassador? I didn’t until very recently. Did you know that she’d been sacked in the penultimate week of December? No, I didn’t either. What happened?

In October 2016, the UN thought they would use the superhero in the battle for equality for women and girls.

It helps that this year the new Wonder Woman film, featuring the fiesty Gal Gadot, is being released. From a public relations perspective, the UN probably planned to piggyback on the film opening to champion their latest female empowerment campaign.

This is a Warner Bros picture, from wonderwomanfilm.com
This is a Warner Bros picture, from wonderwomanfilm.com

This could have been a great idea if the current Wonder Woman wasn’t full of clashing messages. On the one hand, she’s a strong warrior, independent and spreading a strong feminist message. On the other, she’s well known for her hour-glass figure and her massive breasts. Don’t get me started on her Amazonian and Greek God origins which would cause issues with most religious beliefs and systems.

I’m really surprised the PR pro’s at the UN though this would work. Now don’t misconstrue me, I am a huge Wonder Woman fan and all for the empowerment of women around the world. But, the two together in that role raises a few obvious issues.

45,000 people opposed the decision and signed a petition asking Ban Ki Moon, the secretary general, to review Wonder Woman’s role.

After reviewing the situation the UN acknowledged that their intentions were good but that the reality of “the character’s current iteration” doesn’t fully align with their aims and beliefs.

This is the perfect example of how ambassadors, representatives and spokespeople, real or fake, must fully align with the messages of the company or organisation they are working with for a PR relationship to work productively and positively.

Regardless of her losing her UN role, I am hugely excited for the Wonder Woman film and wish she didn’t have such conflicting issues with her image. Thankfully the world is full of lots of strong female role models that provide an endless source of inspiration and empowerment.

This is a Warner Bros picture, from wonderwomanfilm.com
This is a Warner Bros picture, from wonderwomanfilm.com

It will be exciting to see if the UN pick another person or character to help support this year’s female empowerment campaign. They might have decided to choose a different strategy completely to avoid any similar issues occurring.

Who are your female role models? Who would you pick for this role and why? Let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comment section – I can’t wait to see your suggestions.

6 thoughts on “Why has the UN sacked Wonder Woman?

    1. Ha ha, is that because the UN thought they could use her as a PR tool? Or just that I’m still a fan of Wonder Woman despite her conflicting messages?
      Daniel Craig? As Bond, or just in general?

      1. That there are conflicting messages to begin with. That 45,000 (!) people took the time to sign a petition FOR THAT. That this is thought of as an issue to begin with! And finally, that she can’t be a role model because she’s too fit and pretty.

        Reading that post made me understand why Donald Trump won. Who would want to have anything to do with a society that is so judgmental? I thought judging someone based on their looks was a BAD thing!?

        I meant Craig as Bond, an actor, or and a role model for young men. Then, as eye candy for women.

      2. The UN’s female empowerment campaign aims to reach all aspects of society and the less privileged. It’s aim is to educate, help and support ladies in terrible situations, getting the right tool or spokesperson to do that is very important. Wonder Woman due to her heritage could alienate a large part of the non-western world. From the public relations perspective the UN would look like they hadn’t thought it through. She didn’t get fired because she’s fit and pretty it’s because the whole package isn’t right. The number one thing she’s known for, especially in other countries than the UK and US is her boobs and skimpy outfit, not her feminist messages. So it’s already starting on the back foot for a PR campaign for female empowerment. It’s not that she’s not a role model or can’t be a role model, she’s just not right for that particular message (a global female empowerment campaign).
        That’s 45,000 people saying that’s not the right ‘person’ to convey the empowerment message to the UN.

        Daniel Craig, interesting pick, let me ruminate on that one.

      3. I suppose that’s fair, but her boobs aren’t that big….. believe me, I checked. Maybe they need to call up Ayn Rand, eh? Just kidding, that was a cheap shot.

        I’m impressed at your composure. Most people can’t take a comment like mine well. That says a lot about you.

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