Where’s the hype for the Christmas coffee cup this year?

Last year there was a big count down to the big reveal for the design of Costa and Starbucks coffee cups. This year though there’s not been much hype surrounding the much anticipated designs.

Costa and Starbucks slipped right under the radar and have already been released. I only found out that the cups had been released through pictures on Instagram!

What’s going on? This is a big PR moment for these brands, so why are they so quiet? Or, does it just feel quiet?

Last year it felt like there was a lot of build up to the release and when they did come out cup pictures littered every Instagram account.

I wonder if it’s because Starbucks almost caused outrage by suggesting they might have a green cup Christmas instead of the traditional red. It was this threat that caused it to get a mention in every paper and perhaps that’s why it felt bigger.

Last year the PR stunt made it feel bigger. I’m surprised there’s no stunt this year – I was expecting more!

Read about last year’s PR stunt here:

Starbucks’ annual Holiday cup PR stunt 2016

Maybe I’m a bit early, newspapers are just starting to write news stories about them and The Mirror just put together a video pre-view of each major coffee brand’s Christmas cups.

Watch The Mirror’s Christmas coffee cup video here

Either way, it certainly feels like less of a build up to something that’s become a fun fixture in our pre-Christmas calendar.

To me, it’s a marker, a nod to say Halloween and Bonfire Night is over and the festive season has arrived. I quite like the hype leading up to the cup’s release.

As I work in PR I can’t understand why these brands aren’t doing more PR around the release of the Christmas menu’s and much anticipated Christmas cups.

Starbucks have made a video to accompany it’s Christmas cup this year though and that’s out too, I can’t have been the only one to have missed its release, can I?

I really like the theme behind the cups – togetherness. This year’s Starbuck cups can be coloured in, so they can be and mean something different to everyone.

I think they must have been inspired to do something like this from the staff. Every Starbucks I go into has had staff doodles on the plain cups on display.

Watch the Starbucks Christmas cup video here:

Have you heard much about this year’s Christmas cups? Is it something you look forward to seeing?


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