What’s next for Things To Do In Hampshire in 2022

Things to do in Hampshire 2022 is getting an overhaul! The start of the year is the perfect time to reflect on different elements of the blog and figure out what to do with them next.

Here’s what’s next for the Things To Do In Hampshire This Weekend Series released every Friday on Instagram Stories and the blog.

The origins of the Things to do in Hampshire series

Well here we are a whole year after I started Things To Do In Hampshire This Weekend! I honestly can’t believe I’ve been writing these travel posts for a year now. It’s a huge cliche but that time has flown by.

Things To Do In Hampshire This Weekend was released every Friday every week of 2021 having evolved from the recommendations I’d been sharing throughout 2021 on Instagram Stories, again on every Friday.

My intention was to help you find interesting things to do across Hampshire as we navigated ourselves out of the ‘virus that shall not be named’. And from the lovely feedback I’ve had from you, it’s done the trick.

Thanks so much for letting me know how much it’s helped you find things to do or inspired your weekend activities.

What next for the series in 2022?

Things to do in Hampshire 2022 is changing up! As things have relaxed a little and there’s plenty of events and things to do again, the series in 2021 has served its purpose and it’s now time to review, adapt and grow.

Rather than a weekly post with five events every week, I’m going to scale it back a little bit.

I’m going to switch from the weekly blog posts to a slightly larger monthly post that will be shared a few days before each new month. And, I’ll share events from this every Friday on Instagram Stories. But, this will no longer be five things every Friday, as I found that sometimes I’d share things that weren’t really the right kind of vibe or things I’d genuinely recommend.

Why change Things to do in Hampshire 2022?

The changes to Things to do in Hampshire 2022 is really going to help me manage my time better and produce the useful content you enjoy. When lockdown ended I had less time to balance my full time job, blog commitments and write ups. These posts then started dominating my time and became less fun to seek out and share. And, if it’s not fun, what’s the point?

I’m still sharing local events every Friday on Instagram Stories because it’s the only place on my accounts where I’ll share things I like the look of but, I may not have tried and tested. Instead of five things, which often made me compromise and share things that I might not normally do

While It’s nice to support businesses or places I’ve not visited I don’t want to be a features account. I really want to keep the majority of my content to things I’ve experienced so I can speak from a place of authority having tried it out.

When will the changes happen?

The new monthly posts will start from 1 January 2022. But, I’m always sharing fun things to do that I discover. If you still want suggestions follow me on Instagram or explore this blog for more ideas.

Read the full history of the Things to do in Hampshire series

I’m keeping this page live as I think it’s a great record of a very strange year. The new monthly posts will be added to this page too.

And, if you’d like to discover more of the county visit the Hampshire page for walks, cafes, museums and more.

Thank You

Thank you so much for your continued support. I’m having so much fun getting to know my home county better and sharing my discoveries and journey. More changes may be on the cards as I grow the series in this new direction. I’m hoping this adaptation will give me more time to produce the content I want to make.

Here’s to Things To Do In Hampshire 2022!

Bex is holding a belini and cheering to the New Year ahead and the changes to Things to do in Hampshire 2022
Here’s to fantastic adventures in 2022!

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