What’s in my MAC goodie bag?

At my first ever blogger event, the MAC Liptensity launch, I was given a lovely little bag of samples. Have a look inside my bag for a little review on each product…

What’s in my MAC goodie bag?


Inside the bag were four MAC samples, click on each product to see their online profile:

Time to pop the lids off!


MAC Lightful Cleanser

This foam is so gentle but a great refresher for the skin. It leaves your skin feeling bright and hydrated, rather than tight and dry. The key with this is not to use too much and to gently work it in to your skin so it’s lovely ingredients can get to work.

I’ve used this cleanser before and I am a big fan. Normally I prefer a cleanser that exfoliates at the same time but, this one is great if my skin isn’t good and I have a spot or two! I also like to use this when it’s the weekend and can spend longer on my beauty routine, it feels like a pampering treat due to it’s creamy consistency.


MAC Prep and Prime Neutralize CC

This is a great product, but I think I need one of the other colours to suit me better, this was just a little too yellow. Have a look at the swatch I did on my arm further on in this post.

I’d like to try Adjust or Illuminate to see if they suit my skin type better. The light texture would make it a great base for foundation as it’s oil controlling properties are fantastic.

img_0940MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

The grainier the exfoliator the happier I am. Volcanic Ash nails it. MAC’s is a blend of natural mineral-rich volcanic ash and fine sugar crystals in a black gel paste. My skin felt lovely and clean after and also much softer. I’ve always wanted to try this and I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to as I now know I’m definitely going to be purchasing some!

img_0942MAC Prep and Prime
Natural Radiance Primer

I’m such a MAC girl! This primer has so many positives, it’s hydrating, oil controlling, rich in vitamin E and C, full of antioxidants, has skin calming caffeine and contains illuminating pearl powder – all of which give your skin a healthy glow. It’s also a gel and promotes a smooth base for whatever you want to apply to your face after. As any good make up artist knows, it’s all about that base!

Have a look at each product on my arm, I’m fairly pale but this give you a good idea what their texture and colour is like. At the top is the radiant primer, followed by volcanic ash, neutralize CC and then the cleanser.

The MAC samples on skin!

It was a great range of products to try, thanks to MAC for being so generous at the event and giving me these treats to try!

What do you think of these products? Pop a comment on the post to let me know your thoughts.

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Thanks MAC!


On a slightly separate note, I’ve tried really hard to improve my pictures. Some are a bit dark, but it’s a work in progress! What do you think of these compared to the ones in my Birchbox review? Am I heading in the right direction? Let me know your thoughts and any tips and recommendations – I’d be grateful to receive them!


8 thoughts on “What’s in my MAC goodie bag?

  1. These look fab products.. particularly the black ash exfoliator. The CC cream definitely looks very yellow! As for the photo’s – they look great.. I’m definitely very ‘early’ in my new camera learning journey but your pics look fab! x

    1. Thanks so much Wendy, yes I think the CC wasn’t right for my skin tone, so that means I’ve got to go try it in my colour….right?! 😂 MAC did so well with their goodie bag, especially when it wasn’t a tailored bag for each person. Thanks so much for your photo comment, it means the world to me. X

      1. You’re very welcome Rebecca and yep – obviously you’ve got to test the MAC CC in the right colour…. I’m ready for a trip to John Lewis as they’ve just opened up a big MAC counter in their Cheadle store and my hubby works for JL so even better.. DISCOUNT!!! Can’t wait .. x

  2. ps – Just popped to the Birch box post and… I can see a BIG improvement in the photo’s (not that the others aren’t good’ but these are definitely better! x (in my humble opinion as a non photography expert!) xx

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