What does my Facebook profile look like to other people?

It’s really important to know how Facebook appears to viewers. Most platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, keep their main profile the same but, what Facebook shows you can be very different to what it shows other users depending on your settings.

I thought I’d show you how to check your public Facebook profile so you know exactly what’s on it for people to see. This is great from a PR and blogging perspective, as it shows you how you look to the world!

How to check your what your Facebook looks like to other people…

Step 1 – Go to your profile…


Step 2 – Click on the three dots next to ‘View Activity Log’…

Step 3 – Then click ‘View As…’


Step 4 – Your timeline will now appear exactly as it appears to a member of the public who comes across your profile.


Step 5 – Click on the ‘View as a specific person’ in black bar at the top if you want to view your page from a friends point of view…


If you aren’t happy with how your page looks to the public, you can easily change this in the privacy settings.

It may even make you realise, like me, that perhaps it’s time to get a proper page for your blog!

I hope you find this little ‘how to check’ useful and it makes you more aware of how you appear online.

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