What do you love? A Valentine’s Day post for everyone

I’ve been through the Valentine’s Day rollercoaster of emotions, being single and dreading it, being single and not minding it, going out with friends and loving it, being with a fella who ignored it, being with a chap who went over the top on it and finally getting to the stage of not caring about it.

Wherever you are with your feelings about Valentine’s Day share with me the things you love. I’ve decided to go American and use Valentine’s Day to tell you about five things I love and am thankful for. It would be great if you did the same so we spread some positivity and some smiles to faces.

Some of my loves are silly, some are big, but they never fail to brighten my mood. These aren’t my top five, they are just a selection of the things and people I care about.

1. Singing in the car

Whether it’s belting out a Beyonce classic or rocking out to AC DC I love singing in my car. I don’t care that I sound bad, because in that moment I’m owning it, bossing it and winning at life! It makes me so happy. I even like singing when I’m sad to get all the emotions out. It’s cathartic, give it a go!

2. Yoga

Being able to take some time out to focus on yourself is really important. Yoga is about fitness and your mental state. It somehow manages to de-clutter my brain and sort my stresses out. Win!

3. The 3 F’s – Family, friends & fella

This is an obvious one, but a goodie. My three F’s are as crazy as a box of frogs and I love them dearly. Even if you aren’t close to your family you may have friends that you consider family, a specific person, or a pet.

4. My bed

Who’s with me? I’m all for getting out of my comfort zone but don’t underestimate the power of sleep. Big up the balance!

5.  The beach

Silky sand between your toes and the sun on your face. Being wrapped up and being blown to kingdom come. Hot chips with salt and vinegar. Digging a hole for no reason. Putting a flag on a castle. Feeling the warmth of the sun. Collecting shells. Finding the stone with the hole in it. Rock pools. Running in to the water and retreating as fast as you can because it’s freezing. Floating in a rubber ring. Hearing the waves hit the shore. There’s nothing about the beach I don’t like, except for maybe sand in unfortunate places!

The beach is one of my favourite places and I couldn’t ever imagine living far from a coast line or near to a beach.

Come on, it’s your turn,

tell me about the things you love…


4 thoughts on “What do you love? A Valentine’s Day post for everyone

  1. This is such a cute post! I love reading about people’s loves! I actually have a post coming out in an hour about my own loves 🙂 I love my friends, family, music, books, and my car! I’m on the same boat as you when it comes to valentine’s day, could really care less about it, but I love seeing people happy! xxx

    Melina / http://www.ivefoundwaldo.com

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