What are people searching for on Google?

Answer the Public is a tool that allows you to see the most popular search terms associated with a keyword. Put simply, it shows what people are searching for on Google. Consumer insight at this level is extremely valuable to a lot of professions, especially public relations.

This tool takes the keyword, finds what everyone has been searching for on Google with it and then creates a visual representation and list of all the associated queries. The results can also be viewed as a list and filtered by questions, prepositions and alphabetically.

It’s a useful way to conduct research to help shape and create campaigns. Results can show what’s trending in regards to your key word and how best to place ideas, valuable consumer insight. It can also show gaps in knowledge which could also be revealing and helpful to a project. Brainstorming sessions in the office will certainly get a boost as the results often help to be a conversation generator for the topic. SEO will also benefit from the most popular terminology used in association with a certain word or topic.

Why not give it a try the next time you are creating a campaign or need valuable insight in to what people are looking for around a topic?

Step 1: Enter your keyword or phrase
Step 2: Answer the Public returns the results, which can be filtered visually or in lists
Visual representation of the Question results
A close up of the question results
A close up of the Question results
Visual representation of the Preposition results
Results in alphabetical order

5 thoughts on “What are people searching for on Google?

  1. This is a really useful tool – thanks for the ‘heads up’.. I’ll definitely be referring to this when thinking about my future blog posts! Much appreciated x

    1. Ah, no worries. I love this tool, it’s so interesting to see what people are searching for around certain topics and what’s trending. A little bit of insight can give you a good steer on certain topics. Can’t wait to read your next blog posts!

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