Week two of the #YogaGirlChallenge

It’s the end of week two! I’m taking part in the #yogagirlchallenge to do #yogaeverydamnday during September, find out how I’ve got on during my second week.

My first full week was jam packed. I mean totally full of yoga fun times! Some ups and downs of course, no I don’t live a stepford wives perfect life! I try to be accurate and show the highs and lows because life isn’t perfect, we’re all human and it’s healthy to show all sides.

So I’m going to get straight into things because it’s been a jam-packed week and this is going to be a really long post…

Day 4 – Monday 4 September
Wise word from Yoga Girl aka Rachel Brathen!

Today was a slow start to the week. After crashing through the shopping, cooking and prepping lunch my evening plans disappeared.

Although I was tired I knew I had to do something, anything, even if it was just the tiniest attempt to keep myself committed to the challenge.

It was a short and sweet practice – more leg stretching!

Day 5 – Tuesday 5 September

So tonight I discovered the timer function on my iphone, about 10 years after everyone else. Here I am doing a #sleep #yoga routine I found on @pinterest! I added in a couple of other moves too just to extend my practice a little.

I went to bed feeling really calm and like I’d actually managed to unwind. If you’re interested in what I did, I screen grabbed the image off Pinterest for you. I’ve got the feeling this would make a good warm up routine.

If you’re having sleep issues, and trust me I’ve had my fair share, this got me into a really calm state before bed and I had a really good nights sleep off the back of it. Anything’s worth a shot when sleep evades you!

Day 6 – Wednesday 6 September
Our new yoga in the park location is too cute!

Yoga in the park switched to a new top secret location today! This park is a hidden gem in Southampton and is tucked behind Ennios next to the Dancing Man Brewery at the bottom of town. It’s a small space, but there was plenty of room for tonights practice. The park is surrounded by the old ways of Southampton and the park itself is a by-product of the bombing in WW2. Apparently underneath the park is lots of old Southampton history!

I really adore this class Jeneen, the teacher, had picked up on the fact that I was teaching myself camel pose. She did a focus on it in the class which allowed me to understand the warm up and stretching required to get into the position. As a result of all her wise yogi knowledge it was much easier for me to achieve camel pose – hooray!
She’s fab with everyones needs, abilities and requirements and if you can catch one of her Southampton classes I’d definitely recommend it.
Today was the day that I hit my first SUPER FEEL GOOD session.Things felt better and a tiny bit easier. I practically skipped out of the park on a ton of endorphins that were racing through my body. I achieved a beaut of a camel pose 🐫 and learnt more variations of pigeon pose! Today #yoga was awesome and I feel so good! (Thats all those endorphins talking!) 🔥🔥🔥

For those of you who don’t know what Camel pose is, it’s this lovely bendy person below. I don’t look that composed or glamorous and often I can be found muttering several choice swear words.

Photo credit: https://www.yogajournal.com/poses/7-steps-master-camel-ustrasana-pose
Day 7 – Thursday 7 September

I needed something calm today to re-centre. It had been a long day, I’d got some bad news and I felt motivated, but tired and emotionally drained.

I repeated lots of what I did in class yesterday, without some of the more extreme bends and positions. Sequences like downward dog into cobra, sitting side stretches and sitting forward bends with the support of my trusty yoga brick. I seem to be wonky on one side though and can’t figure out why! Maybe a lower hip position because of which way round my legs are positioned?

Emotionally this evening had not gone the way I thought and the sequences and stretches were quick but they did they job in just lifting me out of being in such a heavy place. I’m going to bed in a much better place. It cleared my mind and let my head and logic take over.

Day 8 – Friday 8 September


Morning you beauties! Friday aka Friyay has arrived! Giving myself some space last night meant I woke up a lot better this morning with renewed motivation.

I have this overwhelming feeling to get outside, and as I have to go to work now I think I’m going to try and take my yoga outside either this weekend or as soon as this weather passes. The rain is relentless at the moment.


I’m home, the end of the week has hit me like a ton of bricks. Tired doesn’t cut it. All I want to do is lay still like a vegetable. But I can’t! So rather than forcing myself into a big practice, I scaled it back and decided to have a face-mask Friday, and do some meditation and research on poses.

I also did lots of cat-cow spine stretches!🐱🐄🐱🐄🐱🐄🐱🐄🐱

I found this book in the charity shop and I was pleased to give it a home, I think it’s going to be useful this month. 📚 I’m looking forward to finding a new pose to work on. Achieving camel the other day gave me a real sense of achievement and I’d like to keep building on that.

Day 9 – Saturday 9 September
Bournemouth is such a babe! Swoon! P.S. Filters hide storm clouds quite well!

On the ninth day of yoga challenge my true love gave to me, two tickets to a fitness par-ty! Jokes.
Today I went to Fit Living UK’s fitness festival in Bournemouth and I wrote so much that I’ve had to publish it as a post already. So to read about day nine of my #yogagirlchallenge head to…

DAY 9 – Yoga at FitLiving UK

I had such a great day at the show and came away from it really motivated to continue my yoga and fitness journey.





Day 10 – Sunday 10 September

As Salt-n-Pepa would say I was wiggity wiggity whacked! A long exciting day yesterday wiped me out and I am shattered. So just a bit of gentle meditation and some cat cows before bed. I am going to sleep like a log.

More beautiful Bournemouth views!


This week was brilliant and had plenty of highs and lows. But, I’m starting to see the benefit to doing yoga every day. It’s not always convenient. But making some time for yourself, even if it’s a couple of minutes, can make a huge difference.

Have you started Rachel Brathen’s #yogaeverydamnday challenge at the beginning of September? Or are you looking to start? (It’s not too late!)

If so, I’d love to hear from you about what made you decide to do the challenge, your experience so far and what you love about yoga. Get in touch!

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