Week three of the #YogaGirlChallenge

Can you believe I’m over half way?! I’ve been doing a little bit of #yogaeverydamnday during September. Take a look at what I’ve been up to in week three of the #yogagirlchallenge.

Monday 11 September

I made a quick video to say hi. I really was in two minds about posting it. It really is super cheesy. But, I thought I need to be brave and try these things out. So, here it is, be kind there’s a very nervous kid on the other side of that screen!

I’ve not done a yoga video yet, I think I’m building up to that. It would be nice to know the sequences off by heart so a video would look a bit smoother than me looking at notes and books for the bits I can’t remember!

I hate selfies. But here’s my face doing #yoga by the #water and Itchen Bridge for the #yogagirlchallenge to do #yogaeverydamnday

Day 11 of #yogaeverydamnday was outside in the rain! ☔️ Well it was dry, warm and windy to start and I found this calm little spot by the water in the marina to do some #yoga for the #yogagirlchallenge.

After the FitLiving UK fitness festival at the weekend I felt really motivated to do some yoga. It had such a positive effect on me and made me realise I need to step up my game a little.

I started with side stretches, forward folds, sitting and standing, some cat cows and then some sequences between downward dog, cobra and warrior, then the rain came. It poured. So I had to hot foot it back to the car.

This really was a fab way to kick off the week. Motivation was really high and being outside made me feel good too.

Tuesday 12 September

Day 12 – I went from super motivated to super drained. Meditation and gentle stretches tonight, as today yoga is a struggle.

A busy day full of meeting friends, cleaning the car after making a coffee paddling pool in it which has now turned toxic 🤢😷, doing the shopping, cooking dinner and cooking lunch has just about finished me off. There just aren’t enough hours in the day! I also helped my Mum write an important letter and made a big decision of my own. I’ve packed a lot in today!

So I’m meditating and running through the sleep practice I found on Pinterest last week. Tomorrow I aim to do and be better. 😴😴😴

Wednesday 13 September

Day 13 – Coffee treats at work were so welcome today! They are in the cutest cups with beautiful patterns that remind me of the patterns printed on lots of yoga stuff. I’m posting for the #yogagirlchallenge now as today is another jam packed day, after work I’m meeting my Mum for dinner and then we’re off to see @craigdavid and I can’t wait. I’m going to sneak yoga in snippets between all of these things and then some before bed.

Later that day, much, much later that day I try to do some yoga before bed. This yoga session ended up covering both days…

Thursday 14 September

Day 13/14 – so I managed to fit in some yoga after work but before @craigdavid. It was super short and funny as it was in the middle of my office on the floor. Thankfully everyone had gone home for the day. The performance was ace and after a long evening stood up I stretched out on my bed.

Clearly tiredness has made me lose it – ha ha!

It was a very simple five minutes. Epic tiredness will not let me do anymore. This session for the #yogagirlchallenge burnt the midnight oil. It’s time for Bedfordshire. See you sexy scoundrels in the morning! ✌🏻🌛

Day 14 – It’s got cold! Time for cosy socks ❤️ #winterscoming 🐺 Tonight’s #yogagirlchallenge was spent tying to stretch my calves in down 🐶 dog. My legs are so tight from last night standing for so long at a gig!



I also did the downward dog where you take one leg off the floor- anyone know what that’s called? I also got in some #planks, pigeon pose, sitting forward bends and standing forward bends where you keep your back straight like a table while looking at the floor and then a full standing bend (well as full as I can do them- which isn’t all the way I can assure you! 😂).

Downward Dog!

I need to start learning the proper names of the positions! I’ve got no official lesson in so far this week and I really missed having some tuition. I’m going to try and hunt one down before the week is out! It felt good today, I’m tired but hey, what’s new! 😂 Is anyone else out there doing #yogaeverydamnday? I’d love to know what you’re up to, please share with me your journey!

How funny is this? Henry, my boyfriend, made it for me while I was in the middle of a session and it puts a smile on my face every time I see it. I think a meme means I’m officially doing enough yoga in the house to be teased!

Friday 15 September

WOAHHHH WE’RE HALF WAY THEREEEE! I’ve hit the half way mark in the #yogagirlchallenge!

Today I’m putting my best foot forward with a quick warrior session to wake me up! This week is so busy that I’m having to take what I can yoga-wise. 🙏 Happy Friday you wonderful lot!

This has to be the worst photo I’ve posted so far. I am so rushed this week that the aesthetics have gone but I am still committed to the challenge. It’s what’s on the inside that counts anyway and this is just a marker for the day!

Saturday 16 September

Day 16- Sometimes the best place to be today is at home. This was #yogaeverydamnday between the rainclouds in this brief snippet of sunshine.

Today I focused on the positive things coming up and processed all the things that happened during the week.

The #yogagirlchallenge has been tough this week so a bit of research and meditation after a long and stressful week was needed.

I’ve definitely tried to do too much this week and I can feel myself paying for it. I’m crazy tired and my muscles are tight.

I also forgot to post this post which I was gutted about. I did the yoga but forgot to report in. Bah! So I’m posting it the next day anyway! Anyone else had a hectic day, week, month, hell year?

Sunday 17 September

Day 17 – This is the view from my yoga mat. 🍁 I’m in the pose which is basically lying down and translates as ‘corpse pose’. 🍁 I’m tired and it feels like the right thing for this precise moment. Lying out here I can feel the temperature has turned to 🍂autumn 🍂 now. It’s cold and I definitely need layers to do yoga. It’s fresh! 🍁

What you can’t see out of shot is the threat of big dark rain clouds too! ☔️I’m getting back inside to the warmth, a cup of tea and getting organised for the week ahead.

It’s bee a long, exhausting week and I’m finally ready to start next week fresh. I’m determined it’s not going to be so rushed and mad. I’ve really struggled.

Yoga has helped though and it’s very much little and often this week. Some sessions are much bigger, others I’m lucky to get 10 minutes. But I can feel it making a difference. I’m half way and so happy I’m sticking with this.

Have you been doing Rachel Brathen’s #yogaeverydamnday September challenge?

If so, I’d love to hear from you about what made you decide to do the challenge, your experience so far and what you love about yoga. Get in touch!

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