Week one of the #YogaGirlChallenge

Find out how I got on in my first week of the #yogagirlchallenge to do #yogaeverydamnday during September.

It’s been a short first week of the challenge so I decided to start my challenge two days early to get myself into the swing of things before the month started.

I’m glad I did as it helped me to organised, I found my yoga brick, DVDs and books so I was ready for day one. It’s also been really interesting looking into different things to do during my month of daily practice.

I’m going to write entries straight after my sessions to capture the feelings as I go. I think it will provide a more accurate reflection of my experiences for you when you get to read this at the end of each week.

Find out what I did each day and how I got on…

Wednesday 30 August

To start my month of yoga every day I went to a class in the park. After the bank holiday and a couple of days back at work this was a welcome mix up to my routine.

After an active weekend my calves were super tight so this practice was great to ease tense muscles and stretch out. I also feel it was a good way to start the challenge off because it focused and motivated me.

Roughly what dancer pose should look like. Photo credit: https://au.pinterest.com/explore/dancer-pose-yoga/?lp=true

We also tried lots of new poses throughout the class most of which I’d never tried before. This was really fun, my favourite new pose was called dancer. Frustratingly I could do the pose balancing on my right leg but, not fully on my left. I definitely need to practice this one, it felt so good!

It sounds silly but my boyfriend comes with me to this class and I love it. We’ve been doing the classes across the summer in a bid to get outside and a bit fitter.

After every session we always go home much calmer, sleep better and I enjoy spending the time with him.

I only saw the challenge earlier in the day but, the class really motivated me to commit to the challenge.

That night I went home and wrote a blog called ‘A yoga challenge for September‘ and got excited for the month ahead.

Thursday 31 August

Today was hard. I got some bad news, I got home tired, I didn’t feel like yoga. I just wanted to melt into the sofa and watch back to back episodes of the new Netflix series that I’m addicted to.

But then a little voice in my head gave me a kick up the bum saying that I can’t give up before the challenge had officially started!

So when I got home took my mat straight out into the garden. I started with a little meditation, a couple of stretches and then I practiced a move I found difficult from class the day before. It wasn’t much but it was enough.

Our garden faces south and sees the sun all day so when I stepped out of the back door the warmth hit me and I immediately felt like it was the right decision.

I also took a couple of photos and wrote a blog post ready for day one – you can read it here.

Day 1 – Friday 1 September

It’s day one, time to get motivated! After another long day I took myself straight out in the garden when I got home and repeated my routine from Thursday adding in a couple of extra stretches.

I wonder if my neighbours can see me – I bet I look hilarious!

Day 2 – Saturday 2 September

Late summer is gorgeous. I spent the day soaking up the sun in the garden fixing up some wood planters that I’d bought from the local wood reclamation project. The day flew by and it was 10pm before I knew it.

Rather than not do any yoga I rolled out my mat in the living room. I popped on a yoga DVD I found in the local charity shop and started my practice.

The DVD was very slow to get going and was a completely different style of yoga than what I’m used to. But the jazzy music, odd dancing at the start and super positive cliched quotes repeated in a very strong American accent was very funny!

The positive takeaway from this practice was that I managed to achieve camel pose. It’s a pose that looks easy but I just find it really difficult. For the first time I managed to place both hands on my heels and tip my head back. I can’t hold it for long yet but I’m looking forward to building on it.

Camel pose, Photo credit: https://au.pinterest.com/pin/407716572505209222/

Doing yoga so late in the day made me feel very relaxed and ready for bed. Although I found the DVD irritating I feel really good for sticking it out. My muscles feel stretched out after being bent over in the garden and I feel really positive about my start to the challenge. I’m hoping I’m going to have a really great nights sleep!

Another positive was that by doing this challenge I’ve inspired my boyfriend to join in to. After my practice he took to the floor and did some poses from some yogis he follows on Instagram. It took me by surprise when he said that we’re both meant to be doing some yoga each day – too cute!

Day 3 – Sunday 3 September

I thought I’d end Sunday with an easy session of meditation and leg stretches. It was nice feeling so calm before bed!

I can’t believe my first week is already over. I’m slowly getting to grips with things and think the next week will be much better as I get more used to my new routine.

I’m going to keep writing in a diary style – what do you think about it? Would you prefer a shorted summary or can you relate your own experiences to mine?

I ran a little Twitter poll, my first, to see how often I should write about my daily challenge. The overwhelming response was once a week would be the right frequency. However if you’re looking to find out how I’m doing on a daily basis I’m posting every day on my social media channels – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Have you started Rachel Brathen’s #yogaeverydamnday challenge last week? Or are you looking to start? (It’s not too late!)

If so, I’d love to hear from you about what made you decide to do the challenge, your experience so far and what you love about yoga. Get in touch!

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      1. So am I! A big stress head and worrier. Glad it helps you. I find music helps me and singing 🙂 was so nice to meet you. Hope to see you again soon!

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