Find out how I got on in my fourth and final week of the #yogagirlchallenge to do #yogaeverydamnday during September.

I wanted to do the challenge to get myself back into yoga, regular practice and on the path to getting fitter. Life well and truly got in the way throwing some absolute curve balls during the month so I did what I can and worked around the rest.

What a month! That didn’t ruddy go to plan did it? It was a proper rollercoaster of a month and a very difficult time to have committed to such a demanding challenge.

Although I may not have done the challenge justice, I still took part, I still tried and I’ve got to get some brownie points for that.

I was surprised my second year went worst that my first. I did not expect this and the benefit of hindsight means I can look back and see that having some class time to keep me on the straight and narrow would have been very beneficial.

But, there was a lot of challenges and changes this month and that wasn’t possible and that’s ok. I can, after all, only do my best. Yoga wasn’t the only thing in my life that I let slip.

The stress in the last week was still at a high and I went back to meditation and a few basic poses like cat cow just to get myself moving a little.

I also only just found this sequence on Yoga Journal that may have been more beneficial when I was struggling…

Beat Frustration (and Boost Patience!) with This Balancing Yoga Sequence

And, this yoga video by Yoga with Adriane called ‘Yoga for when you’re angry’

FYI – I’m not really an angry person, passionate yes, angry no. But my anger came from frustration from a situation I was not in control of and yoga, even in the very basic forms I practiced it, helped me process my emotions.

I think next year I will plan my month better, ensure I am signed up to classes and try and enlist some friends to do the challenge with me.

I also really missed following Rachel Brathen, aka Yoga Girl, as she didn’t take part this year. Normally I love her guidance and pose suggestions and it’s nice to know you’re not alone. But as we all know it’s not possible for everyone to do everything all of the time. Perhaps I need to look into other yoga instructors who take part in the challenge and follow them for some diversity.

In the mean time my yoga journey hasn’t stopped. I’ve signed up at a new gym, so I’m looking forward to doing some yoga there. But, the most exciting thing that I’m in the middle of doing is goat yoga, yes you heard right, yoga with pygmy goats.

I think it will drive some much needed motivation my way. A light hearted yoga session should give me direction, focus and a really positive yoga experience. Time with animals is meant to lower stress too, so I think it will be an excellent all rounder to renew my enthusiasm and get me excited to get back on the mat more regularly.

How did your month go? I’d love to hear from you about your experience and what you love about yoga. Pop a comment below and let’s have a chat!

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