Walk around Warsash Nature Reserve

Follow the tree trail on a walk around Warsash Nature Reserve and read the poetry trees for something a little bit different on your next walk.

A popular local spot, the nature reserve is great for picnics, short trail runs and dog walks…

Warsash Nature Reserve

📍New Road, Warsash, SO31 9SB

This walk is about an hour long if you walk all the trails, so is perfect for trail running, dog walks or adding into a longer route.

You don’t really need a map or instructions for this walk. It’s all in well sign posted loops and none of it’s too far away if you realise you want to go back to the car or continue on your way.

Around Warsash Nature Reserve there are several entrance points. If you can’t get parked at the location listed above, take a look at the other entrances and surrounding roads, you’ll definitely be able to find somewhere. Please keep in mind it’s a very residential area, so please respect people’s driveways – I’m pretty sure I don’t need to tell you that!

Beautiful walking trails at Warsash Nature Reserve

The Tree Trail

The star attraction of the route though is the tree trail which shows off an impressive range of different trees all thriving in the same area. An incredible education tool for children or adults – I certainly couldn’t name them all! Not sure if I should feel shame on that one or not. I’m not going to lie some of them were really hard.


There’s also poetry dotted around the route hung on trees like art or on posts and seating. The poetry is from school children from the local area, and is really advanced, and dare I say it, a little dark.

I was actually quite surprised and it gave me and Mr. Bright Lights Big City a chuckle while walking the trails – did some of the parents make some contributions to their child’s poems? We think so! Let me know what you think when you read them.

The Central Field

There’s also a big field in the centre of Warsash Nature Reserve, perfect for taking a picnic and enjoying when it’s sunny. It’s five minutes to the field, so you don’t have to lug your picnic very far, so packing light which I’m notoriously bad at, isn’t really a problem. In goes that extra pasta salad, some pillows and three books to pick from!

It’s the perfect space for a bit of outdoor exercise too, want to do that HIIT or yoga routine somewhere a bit different? Well, this would be your spot to indulge in it.

The path around the edge of the central field at Warsash Nature Reserve
The path around the edge of the central field.

Things to note…

  • It’s extremely popular with dog walkers, and there’s loads of dogs on and off leads.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for horse riders, there’s trails through the reserve for riders and they are used regularly.


  • No refreshments or toilets.
  • Free parking and several entrance points.
  • This is not an accessible walk – there is an entrance barrier. While some of the paths are fairly clear and flat there are gates (not mobility scooter friendly) and some of the trail goes onto boardwalks which is worth knowing before going.
Spring blossom at Warsash Nature Reserve

Warsash Walks

I’ve driven past this area hundreds of times and yet I’ve never realised Warsash Nature Reserve was there! It’s a lovely little walk and tucked away enough to not be too busy.

I really enjoyed it, and the tree trail and poetry was a really nice touch, and very different from the other trails and walks I’ve done lately.

We went in the spring, so there was lots of flowers in bloom and wildlife buzzing about, including a lot of beautiful butterflies.

Visit the Fareham Council website for more details about Warsash Nature Reserve.

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