Walk Titchfield Canal

Walk Titchfield Canal to see flourishing local wetlands and seasonal birds in Hampshire.

Next to Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve, the canal path is a natural extension of the reserve and an easy walk perfect for a slow Sunday morning.

The sign for Titchfield Canal with a map and brief history of the area.

Titchfield Canal Walk

Park by the Seafront: Cliff Road, Fareham PO14 3LU


Park in Titchfield: Bridge Street, Titchfield, Fareham PO14 4EA

Titchfield Canal is a 2.1 miles stretch from the seafront to the centre of Titchfield. You can walk it both ways because there’s a car park at Salterns, or lots of parking along Cliff Road itself.

I’d recommend starting from the seafront because the car park on Bridge Street is tiny. There’s a handful of spaces compared to the multiple places along the seafront where you’re far more likely to get a space.

It’s much nicer being able to end the walk on the beach too, with the surrounding cafes and pubs in reach for a post walk treat.

The Walk alongside Titchfield Canal

The Walk

Despite starting in more built up areas, the walk along Titchfield Canal feels like you’ve stepped straight into the middle of nowhere. And, sometimes we all need to capture that feeling of ‘getting away from it all’.

The long, flat stretch of the canal path allows you to focus on your surroundings instead of where you’re going. It means the walk is very relaxing and you can admire the birds, the wetlands and observe the delicate shift in scenery as you move along the route.

The walk is very pretty whatever the weather but, when the sun is out it is spectacular. It highlights the golden reeds while the honks from the gaggles of geese and bird song from the wetlands provides a fitting soundscape.

Farmland along the Walk alongside Titchfield Canal - Bex is in a field of cut down hay taking a selfie in the sunshine. Her hair is in two plaits, held back by a headband, she wears glasses and is wearing a blue jumper.

I felt like Elizabeth Bennett walking in the countryside lost in my own thoughts, until other walkers passed me by disturbing my day dreaming. To them I was dawdling but, in my mind I was on my way to Meriton to meet my sisters who were calling on the militia! (Pride and Prejudice reference for those scratching their head at the mention of Elizabeth Bennett!)

It’s not a taxing distance but easily extended if you want to challenge yourself a bit more or work up a real appetite ahead of some lunch.

There’s also lots of farmer’s bridges, some with further public footpaths to explore if you want to divert off at any stage.

One of the bridges along the Titchfield Canal.

Along the route you’ll also find several entrance steps to the water, great for a quick paddle in the summer or dogs who like to have a splash.

Steps on the Titchfield Canal.


The facilities aren’t too bad as Titchfield Canal is sandwiched between two villages and you’re a short drive from lots of local amenities.

  • Public toilets can be found on Cliff Road and at the Salterns in the car park.
  • Parking at either end of the canal path.
  • The Reserve has a cafe and shop and there are small villages either end of the canal if you do need anything.
  • Stretches of the walk get very muddy and impassible from an accessibility point of view. There is an accessibility path around the reserve, but this comes with an entry fee and still the warning that in dire weather it can still can be difficult to access. The reserve is separate to the canal path but situated right next to it.
Views of the wetlands in Titchfield National Nature Reserve that runs alongside Titchfield Canal
Views of the wetlands in Titchfield National Nature Reserve that runs alongside Titchfield Canal

Walk Titchfield Canal

This a great walk for anyone who wants the beauty of Hampshire without having to take a map or think about a route. It’s flat, a good distance and very enjoyable.

Be warned, parts of the walk can be very muddy, especially if the weather’s been bad or the river is particularly high. Wellington boots, walking boots are advised but if it’s been dry you’d be fine with trainers. There are tons of tree roots though, and as someone who’s recently torn two ligaments in her ankle thanks to a tree root trust me when I say you’ll want to keep your eye out for them!

If you’re into trail running, this would be a great path to practice on, because it’s flat and a good distance.

Titchfield Canal runs alongside Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve and is free to access. But, most the information for the area sits on the Titchfield Reserve Website.

Visit the Titchfield Reserve Website.

Have you discovered the route along Titchfield Canal yet? Let me know in the comments below.

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