Walk Gull Coppice and Whiteley Woods

Gull Coppice is part of the surrounding woods of Whiteley. It’s a small woodland central to the many paved walking routes in the area, community and shopping centre.

While the woodland is not great from an accessibility viewpoint, the surrounding paved pathways offer a very accessible trail for those who might have different requirements when looking for a walk.

Walk Gull Coppice and Whiteley Woods

Gull Coppice Walk

Whiteley Community Centre Car Park, Whiteley, Hampshire PO15 7LA

The car park at the community centre offers free parking at the weekend, and if you cross the road Gull Coppice is directly in front of the shops area. The route in the link at the bottom of this blog, which is more accessible, also starts from this point.

You know me, honesty from the get go, Gull Coppice, a small woodland in central Whiteley, is not a destination walk. It’s one of those walks that’s useful to know if you’re living in the area but, not worth travelling miles for. Harsh but true, I’d never want to disappoint you with these recommendations.

Ok, so why is this walk great?

Accessible Paved Pathways

While the woodland isn’t accessible the pretty paved pathways surrounding the woodlands are extensive and extremely well connected.

It’s perfect if you or you have a friend or family member with have mobility issues or require flat stable walks.

There’s also lots of blossom trees and wildlife to see, as well as being really, really accessible.

Blossom on the Gull Coppice and Whiteley Woods walk

It’s all very flat, not muddy and you can cover a lot of ground with these series of paths. They’re indicated by a reddish pavement underfoot.

These paths are also great for running, kids, teaching how to ride a bike, recovery walks and short strolls with the dog.

I really thought Gull Coppice was the best bit of the area but actually, I think it’s the series of amazing pathways that mean absolutely all abilities can enjoy them. It’s really inclusive and I saw so many people out enjoying the paths.

Accessible paths on the walk arounds Gull Coppice and Whiteley Woods

Gull Coppice

Gull Coppice is about 1km round, if you take and stick to the outside path. This is great for trail running, dog walking and a change of scene.

You don’t need a map, it’s one big loop with several paths crossing it and there’s several entrances from the community centre and surrounding homes.

Walk Gull Coppice and Whiteley Woods
In Gull Coppice you’ll find plenty of well places benches

At the furthest point from the community centre, you’ll find a path that connects through to the playing fields and a children’s play park that sits behind Whiteley shopping centre called Meadowside Extraordinary Park.

You can also reach this park on an accessible paved path from the roundabout in between Yew Tree Drive and Sweethills Crescent, it’s called Strawberry Track.

I’ve got the feeling Gull Coppice is a great place to go to see bluebells as well because there were so many bluebell leaves popping up on my recent March visit.


  • No public toilets.
  • A corner shop by the community centre.

Walk around Whiteley Woods

You’ll find this recommended walk from Fareham Council useful for a loop around the accessible paths. There’s a few woodland sections that mobility scooters couldn’t handle but, I think with a bit of planning and re-routing you could avoid these sections if you need to.

I walked this route in under and hour, so we tacked on Gull Coppice and explored some of the other red pathways too.

Whiteley Woods Accessible Walk from Fareham Council.

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