Walk Chilling Coastal Area, Brownwich Beach & the Solent Way

Take a walk along the coast and through beautiful woodlands in the Chilling Coastal Area of Hampshire…

Walk Chilling Coastal Area, Brownwich Beach & the Solent Way

Chilling Coastal Area

šŸ“Chilling (Thatcher’s Copse), Meon Road, Titchfield PO14 4HH

The Chilling Coastal Area is made up of a series of closely connected woodlands and farm land along the Hampshire coast.

It includes Chilling Copse, Thatcher’s Copse and Brownwich Valley and it is part of Titchfield National Nature Reserve.

The area stretches a big part of the coast and it’s a really fun place to walk and explore. And, if you’ve got a map you won’t go too far wrong as lots of the trails navigate their way around the farm’s fields and quiet country roads.

I’ve been noodling the name ‘Chilling’ around in my head for ages trying to think of some sort of pun and failing miserably. Surely, a stretch of coastline can’t have the name Chilling for nothing – if a pun comes to you, get yourself to the comments section below.

Walking, cycling and running are just a few of the activities you can enjoy at Chilling. I love going for a wild sea swim from the beach, as you don’t need to go that far out to swim and still touch the bottom.

You’ll see a fair few people out walking dogs, having a swim but it’s quite a bit area and easy to distance yourself without feeling crowded.

While some of the landscape can be fairly sparse there’s still plenty of wildlife and nature to be spotted. And, signs of the changing seasons, you just have to look a little closer at the hedgerows.

On one of my visits I managed to capture the first signs of Spring – some blossom opening up along the path down to the beach.

Spring at Chilling Coastal Area, Brownwich Beach & the Solent Way

Unstable Cliffs

One thing to be very mindful of when you approach the paths by the cliffs is to take care. These cliffs are prone to collapsing, so it’s worth keeping well away from the edge. This is particularly relevant along The Solent Way stretch of paths, that run parallel to the beach and cliffs.

Be careful of the cliffs when walking the Chilling Coastal Area, Brownwich Beach & the Solent Way


This area doesn’t really have any facilities, you’re in proper walking territory here. But, there is a small car park at the address above and if you were desperate for a drink or a pit stop, you’re a short drive from Hill Head, Titchfield and Locks Heath.

It’s also a very exposed area, so you’re going to feel the brunt of the weather as it hits the coast here. Make sure you’ve got a coat with you just in case.

Titchfield National Nature Reserve

It’s clear to see why Chilling Coastal Area is a part of Titchfield National Nature Reserve. The stunning natural setting combined with the charming agricultural features make it a fun place to explore.

You will need your own map, as there aren’t many online resources with routes around Chilling because it’s a far less well known place to visit.

Visit the Chilling Coastal Area website.

Have you discovered the Chilling Coastal Area yet? Let me know in the comments below.

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