Vegan treats at Cafe Thrive

Embracing a vegan diet? If you’re on the south coast of England you need to know about a great option for eating out and sticking fully to the vegan way of life.

Cafe Thrive has become a staple on the Southampton foodie scene. It is making sure those opting for a vegan lifestyle have just as many options as other non-vegan establishments.

I stopped by for lunch recently and was surprised at how filling and tasty a fully vegan meal could be. It definitely surpassed my expectations and made me think about depending less on products from animals to fully support my diet.

It’s great that Cafe Thrive is in the centre of Southampton just off the main high street. Lots of vegan places in and around Hampshire are fairly hidden requiring a car to reach them. Thrive is literally nearby to so many other options and you could easily pick to eat here and not have a clue about the vegan element.

The staff gave me a very warm welcome and asked if I’d visited before – I hadn’t so they took me through the menu and introduced me to things I might like and explained what certain equivalents and substitutions were. I couldn’t believe how many animal products were in in the food I eat every day without me even knowing!

The coffee was no surprise, I’ve been having coconut or almond milk as an alternative to dairy milk for a while. The coffee is also Fairtrade and organic!

There’s plenty of choice on the Cafe Thrive menu and they were great with helping sort out what I couldn’t have with my raw onion allergy.

For my meal I picked ‘Super Greens’ a delicious combination of avocado, pumpkin seed ‘pesto’, pea shoots, leafy salad topped with an avocado, lime and herb dressing. It was delicious. The cool and creamy avocado was balanced with crunchy pea shoots and I really liked the zing the lime and herb dressing added.

The cafe itself was very aesthetically pleasing, modern and staff incredibly friendly. Big boards and open counters make it easy to view the menu the and seating inside is lots of large, up-cycled farm house tables. Cute!

There’s also a very tempting cake cabinet full of big chunks of flapjack, pastries and lots of other sweet treats.


Having a whole meal that was vegan was really eye-opening and the cafe was rarely quiet. It’s definitely become a popular place in Southampton and a convenient foodie option for the growing vegan community.

Just so you know – Cafe Thrive didn’t invite me to review the meal. I had a great time, a delicious meal and thought I’d share this little gem with you!

I love the mantra of the company, ‘Good food shouldn’t cost the earth.’ Not only is a decent meal affordable but it’s also nutritious and vegan.

If you’re in Southampton, it doesn’t matter if you’re vegan or not, it’s worth checking out this local and supporting an independent. There is also a Cafe Thrive in Bournemouth too!

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