Top ways to keep the wanderlust at bay

Here’s my guide to keeping the wanderlust at bay because travel restrictions need not put a total damper on your dreams. Hear me out, while we stay inside and social distance for the benefit of everyone you can still plan your next trips and explore the globe!

Whether it’s budget restraints, time restraints or any other reasons, there’s plenty of ways to ‘travel’ and find out about places around the world. And, it doesn’t have to start with Trip Advisor!

Here’s my top ways to travel internationally from the comfort of your own home and keep the wanderlust at bay…via the internet of course!

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1. Lonely Planet Videos

Find unique travel experiences in Lonely Planet’s extensive short, snappy, subtitled video section.

Maybe mute some of the more annoying background music but, on the whole there’s some great travel videos in its collection. It’s thorough, reliable and informative and there’s some great travel inspiration in there.

I quite like the city videos, I don’t know why, it’s just informative and the videos are not too long while giving you a good feel for it.

I watched ‘Discover Rapid City, South Dakota’ and soon fell right into watching more of these types of Lonely Planet videos where I found out about some incredible places that I didn’t know existed.

It’s a fab, free resource which will easily get you exploring new places.

2. Wanderlust Magazine

If you’re looking for your next trip, this might just help you discover the unique experience you’re looking for.

Wanderlust is seriously aspirational yet achievable travel inspiration.

I subscribe to the magazine but if I feel blue, or have itchy feet (which I do constantly as I’d love to travel 24/7) I’ll hop on its website for an injection of awesomeness and total trip envy.

3. Discover Travel Bloggers

For detailed descriptions of travel experiences, destinations and travel hacks you’d be wise to start looking into some travel bloggers!

They’re great for trip planning, ideas and a totally different perspective. I like getting out of my comfort zone and considering other places and this is a really good way to do that.

I get so much inspiration from fellow travel bloggers and some of them are so established and have really comprehensive websites.

There’s so many but a couple of my favourites, that have exceptional sites to delve into and that will get you falling down an internet black hole, include…

4. Tourism Websites

I LOVE a good tourism website. International or local, some are better than others but I massively appreciate them, they also sometimes have insight into the local events going on that other sites and bloggers might not show.

These pages also cater for all demographics from young families, solo travellers, couples, adventurers, slow living seekers, coffee fantatics, walking tours to the more gentle experiences. You name it and they’ve probably got it covered!

Usually you can type into Google ‘Tourism’ or ‘Visit’ before your destination to find the official pages. It’s a really good place to start.

5. Atlas Obscura

This is a new discovery for me! While it’s similar to Lonely Planet and Wanderlust its tag line is ‘The definitive guide to the world’s hidden wonders.’

And, it certainly is that! I’ve spent about an hour on the page and already found a whole heap of things I didn’t know existed abroad and at home!

If Lonely Planet is reliable and informative and Wanderlust is aspirational ‘me living my best hipster life’ then Atlas Obscura is like the kookier travel advisor you didn’t know you needed!

6. Ordnance Survey’s Get Outside

If you’re headed to the UK and love walking and being outside then you’re going to want to check out Ordnance Survey’s Get Outside website.

There’s a great blog, practical compass advice and all the maps and trails you can shake a stick at.

It’s also championed by a plethora of outside advocates from awesome adventure bloggers to modern day celebrity explorers.

The site is simple, easy to use, and offers a more active look at experiencing the UK, entirely different to some of the aforementioned travel sites.

I’m particularly fond of The National Parks section – a wonderful way to see the UK!

7. Google Street View

It’s an obvious one but a goodie. Want to see somewhere from the streets, type it in and street view will take you there!

Google Maps is just such a reliable resource and when you’re travelling can be a godsend for finding your way around.

8. Design Hotels

If a good night’s sleep and glorious aesthetics is your idea of a good time then you’ll want to check out Design Hotels.

It’s total hotel porn. Yeah, I went there. It pairs excellent advice with stunning style.

Check out the ‘Original Experiences’, ‘Culture’ and ‘Gallery’ for beautiful travel experiences too with that luxe edge.

I don’t think I need to say much more except for, you’re welcome!

9. OpenTable

Some of us like their travel experiences to revolve around food, if that’s you Open Table will become your best friend.

It’s an extensive guide to eating your way around the world and you can even book your table through the website.

Cheekily I use this in addition to Trip Advisor because I find the rankings a bit more reliable and there’s less weeding out of take aways to find the good places.

While it gives you reviews and a description like other sites my favourite feature is in the side bar. It lists out parking details, the dress code, payments options, the chefs and any additional information on top of the standard opening hours.

10. Time Out

Looking for fun experiences in cities around the world? Well, then you’ll want to check out Time Out.

It’s been an ever expanding institution for years and years and it shows great experiences in the cities you’re likely to visit.

The focus really is on events and what’s happening in each city so could be a real fit for you if you’re travel ‘thing’ is city breaks.

Other places worth a look…

  • Rough Guides – a reliable online travel resource, also does books
  • Green Traveller – for eco and more sustainable trips
  • The Local – Real news from the location you’re interested in

Fingers crossed this has given you a bit of inspiration for those times when the internet is your only ticket to adventure.

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