Top UK Travel Bloggers 2020

I love drawing inspiration from awesome travel bloggers when planning my next trip.

Each provide a unique perspective and usually a whole set of their own top tips. These can help you create and research better trips so your hard earned cash works efficiently and effectively for you!

Creators with various numbers of followers are featured because if you haven’t realised by now, size doesn’t matter. 😉

Here’s 10 of my favourite UK travel bloggers I’m currently following…

These are in no particular order by the way, it’s too hard to pick when their webpages, advice and social channels are SO good.

It’s all about the quality of content and each of these bloggers have different strengths. Some are great Instagrammers, some are great photographers, others are better writers and others are incredible video creators.

The one thing they all have in common is that they are all friendly, approachable, and I like them a lot- which makes sense because they’re on this list.

I hope you like them too, I’m pretty sure you will!

1. Vicky Flip Flop

While Vicky shares her travel from around the world, she’s also got a cracker of a UK section on her blog.

Vicky has a wonderful way of writing, it feels very authentic and the sort of person you could easily hang out with down the pub. That’s it, she tells you what you need to know like she was a friend!

You get a great idea of her character from her tone of voice and she recommends some fab things to do UK wide.

Her grounded approach really appeals to me and her Instagram feed is so REAL and those are my favourite kind – I mean who doesn’t like to see what the actual colour of things are?

The kind of content you will see from her is top lists of things to do in places, festivals and guides.

Visit Vicky’s Instagram page

2. Postcards by Hannah

I discovered Hannah on Instagram where she posts incredibly picturesque images of the UK and sometimes further afield alongside location facts.

Each image she creates looks like a postcard, it’s such an original idea that just works perfectly on Instagram. It’s kind of like travel whimsy – beautifully framed images with a little caption description with a fact like you’d actually get on a traditional postcard!

Her website has a UK travel section for you to explore too with her latest trips.

Visit Hannah’s Instagram page

3. Salty Nuts

Howwwziiittt! One of the many quirks of good natured Irish Harry is his language, especially his welcome to his fans.

Top his bespoke lingo with a friendly demeanour and an Instagram that looks like its produced by GoPro and you can start to see his mass appeal. Just tune in to his Instagram Stories to see how down to earth he is in his many online Q&As.

Recently the face of a major online Royal Caribbean Cruise campaign, his travels started due to his career in rugby.

While he has some good posts, for me it’s the Instagram images and captions that provide the most travel inspiration.

Visit Harry’s Instagram page

4. An Adventurous World

Award winning Macca’s blog is amazing for adventure travel posts!

He’s also a Visit Britain ambassador and currently promoting their My Microgap campaign.

Macca is another, a bit like Vicky Flip Flop, that has a really lovely tone. I like that his stories take you on a journey and can tell he’s got a good sense of humour.

He’s got a fantastic amount of posts on the UK and his My Microgap posts are my favourite I think because they are more local.

Don’t forget to check out Macca’s videos too!

P.S. One of my favourite aspects is that Macca’s partner is Chloe from the blog, drumroll please, Wanderlust Chloe – another awesome travel blogger!

I really like following them both and seeing their different perspective on places, how they balance their posts and images.

I also really like that they haven’t merged into one blog, I like their different view points and also how they work together. Which leads me seamlessly only to my next pick…👌🏻

Visit Macca’s Instagram page

5. Wanderlust Chloe

Relatable and relevant – I have so much time for Chloe, she’s so lovely!

Her chatty style is very warm and welcoming, and I’m really enjoying her Visit Britain My Microgap articles with Macca. The UK sections are fantastic and so useful.

She’s really informative, her site is always up to date but my favourite thing is the level of detail. It’s exactly the level of detail I like and would write myself, so her style feels like a very natural fit for me.

Visit Chloe’s Instagram page

6. Explore with Ed

First of all, let’s clear the name issue up, Explore with Ed is actually called Jamie in real life. Ed’s just one of his nicknames before you ask why!

Jamie, will we ever see your face? Who knows. Probably not.

If you’re not aware of Jamie, you really should be, he’s smashing Instagram and just has the loveliest feed.

In all his posts he’s featured from behind, so we never actually see his face. But man alive is he turning out awesome travel images.

Jamie’s focus is on the UK but he does venture elsewhere and has a penchant for cruises and capturing them in a way that makes them even appeal to me!

Hell yes I could see me on a ship to the Norwegian Fjords, thanks to Jamie’s video!

His awesome work has led him to becoming the photographer for awesome blogger publication @blogospheremagazine – his work ethic is insane and everyone I know who’s worked with his has just the nicest things to say about him.

Visit Ed’s Instagram page

7. The Travel Hack

Monica is very new to me, and it’s very odd how I found her!

I’m looking for a new bag for my work trips. I often only get hand luggage, and need something with lots of pockets, that’s practical.

My discovery was her travel bag, which led to her website! I don’t think this is the usual way people find Monica but, never the less I don’t mind as I’m really enjoying her blog.

Despite me only just finding her, she is well established with a great following.

Monica’s chatty style is completely endearing and I weirdly feel like I know her. I don’t, but her blogs read as if you’ve sat down with a friend and are having a post holiday catch up. I love that vibe.

Her UK section is big and has provided me with plenty of ideas for trips. As a Mum of some very young children she also has a different perspective to other travellers on this list.

She balances it though so it doesn’t become all parent chat and I like hearing about her family adventures.

Visit Monica’s Instagram page

8. Hand Luggage Only

I first discovered the two Cambridge University graduates, Yaya and Lloyd, when working for a previous company when I wanted to hire them to come and film something.

Their style is so upbeat, light hearted and full of humour.

One of their biggest plus points is how engaged they are with their audience. They are always happy to lend an ear and offer some advice which is a lovely way to be.

The guys did a ‘Great English Road Trip’ and it’s full of nice images to inspire your next trip.

They really come into their own on Hand Luggage Only’s YouTube channel though and personally I prefer this over their blog posts.

View Yaya and Lloyd’s Instagram page

9. The Adventures of Us

Sarah-Louise and Christopher are based in London and are all about that aspirational, idyllic travel life.

The images they produce are really very high end editorial.

It’s glossy. They are insanely beautiful people. I mean, what’s not to like?

Their photos will make your Instagram feed a nicer place to scroll through and the dreamy shots will have you double tapping!

Visit Sarah-Louise and Christopher’s Instagram page

10. Twins That Travel

What don’t these women do? Alongside their great UK and international travel blog, they also run sustainable tours for women, have a podcast, and are champions for raising awareness about anxiety issues.

Posts include plenty of detail and a fun perspective on their adventures.

I’ve only recently started following them as I found their Instagram when I found their latest post on Totnes in Devon. I loved it and that’s when I started following them on the gram!

Visit Claire and Laura’s Instagram page

I hope you like and enjoy these recommendations, they’re some of my absolute favourites, my latest discoveries and who I’m enjoying following right now.

May they provide you with as much travel inspiration as they have me!✌🏻

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