Titchfield Abbey

Titchfield Abbey is tucked away on Mill Lane near Fareham, outside of Portsmouth.

The ruins and grounds are so pretty but, even if you’re local, there’s a good chance you’ve driven past this spot and not realised it’s even there!

This guide will help you plan a trip, make some useful suggestions and give you a few pointers if you’re not familiar with the area.

Bex at Titchfield Abbey in Hampshire an English Heritage Site

Titchfield Abbey in Hampshire

Hampshire is home to lots of beautiful abbey ruins and Titchfield Abbey is no exception. Full of whimsey and another great picnic spot in the summer.

The abbey is relatively whole, rather than missing the back or side you can clearly see the shell of the building.

Bex at Titchfield Abbey in Hampshire an English Heritage Site

If you look up the walls it’s clear to see there were definitely three floors, if not four. You can also see where the fireplaces were too, and lots of other details that have been so well preserved.

Gargoyles at Titchfield Abbey in Hampshire an English Heritage Site

Other things to notice are the weird stone faces high up on the building, the preserved tiles out the back of the abbey and the tiny stone staircases. You can’t access the stair case but take a look, it really is very small and would have been a very tight spiral to walk up.

Fireplaces at Titchfield Abbey in Hampshire an English Heritage Site

The grounds are mostly lawn apart from some trees which have the most glorious red berries in autumn. If you keep your eyes to the ground you’ll also see some pretty spectacular wild mushrooms. I don’t know if you can eat them, when you turn them upside down though they look purple-ish. When we walked back to the car we came across a huge patch.

Historic Titchfield Abbey

Titchfield Abbey has an extensive history and, like its counterpart Netley Abbey which isn’t far away, it was also a monastery and then a grand home.

Titchfield Abbey in Hampshire an English Heritage Site

If you’d like to find out more information about the abbey, English Heritage have plenty of details available on the website. I direct you to these links because I’m no history expert and these two pages explain it perfectly.

Useful Information

Mill Lane, Titchfield, Hampshire, PO15 5RA

Titchfield Abbey is an English Heritage site, which welcomes dogs on leads. It is free to visit and there can be a small charge for parking.

Opening times are open daily from 10am to 5pm from April t o September. And, daily from 10am to 4pm from October to March. From 24-26 December and 1 January Titchfield Abbey is closed.

The abbey is in Titchfield which is near Fareham and just off Junction 9 of the M27.

While the abbey is well sign posted until the very last road. Once you’re on Mill Lane keep your eyes peeled because it’s right after the garden centre. The turning is very easy to miss. It’s pretty tight too, so if you’ve got a big car, take it easy on the turn.

Equally if you’ve walked, there’s no pavement or path, so watch out for vehicles while you enter.

The back of Titchfield Abbey in Hampshire an English Heritage Site

There are no real paths within the abbey either. But, it’s all relatively flat except for some stairs and steps into and around the ruins. This makes it difficult from an accessibility perspective.

The abbey is very close to two great pubs and a garden centre. It’s a great end or start to a walk. You can go for a drink and some lunch or potter around and look at the plants before or after. FYI – the pubs are probably the closest set of toilets.

Titchfield Abbey

Embrace the historical side of Hampshire with a visit to these ruins, this guide will help you start planning your trip.

Titchfield Abbey in Hampshire an English Heritage Site

It’s not going to take you ages to look around anywhere from 15 minutes if you’re super quick. This makes it a great place to add into a day’s itinerary or add on to a walk. It’s also another great place for sketching, painting and to practice some photography.

Let me know if you’ve been or are thinking of going!

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