Three girl power news stories that will boost your mood

Need a bit of a pick me up? Well then this post is just for you! 

I’ve got a little bogged down lately. It’s not been anything specific, just a culmination of little things that have made me feel less than my best.

I’m probably my own worst enemy as I push myself too hard to achieve too much in all aspects of my life. I bet you do too!

I’ve struggled with blogging lately and mostly June was a write off. I wrote one post in the whole month.a On top of all my other worries it left me feeling really bad, that I’d neglected something I view as beneficial and that I had failed.

That feeling is the worst.

I had to remind myself how far I’ve come and that actually I’m not doing so badly. I’ve got myself eating better, I’m back in the gym and I’ve started writing again.

If you are in the same position then remind yourself of all the wonderful things you’ve achieved and make a plan to change up your routine.

We’ve all been there and that’s why I’m writing this post. Find what works for you. It could be sport, art, music, reading or anything that’s a bit different that allows you to relax.

I’ve been finding yoga and the gym really useful to release some of those happy endorphins. But, even some days I’ve just been too whacked to even get to the gym – so don’t feel bad if that’s you too. Rest up and try a different approach. You’ll get there, it just can take a bit of time, it certainly has for me.

I’ve picked three brilliant news stories to remind you that you can do anything. You are strong. You are powerful. Believe in yourself. We all need a little reminder of that now and then.

Story 1 – The female comic book shop owner

Holly Ringsell is the Wonder Woman of the comic book shop scene. She’s beating down stereotypes in a traditionally male-dominated environment by buying her own store and setting new standards.

Story 2 – The teenage wrestler

Bum-Erdene Tuvshinjargal is the 17 year old challenging centuries of sumo tradition. She wants to follow in the fighting footsteps of her fellow Mongolians who dominate sumo wrestling in Japan.

Story 3 – The girl that climbed Kilimanjaro

Roxy Getter is the youngest girl to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. She’s eight years old! This pocket rocket has conquered the highest peak in Africa before she’s eve hit her teen years.

Had a bad day, week, month, year? I’d love to know your tips for getting yourself back on the straight and narrow when you’ve been feeling less than 100 percent. Share with me your top tips in the comments section. I’d love to hear your advice and try out your tips.

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