Thoroughly good coffee at Dandy in Jersey

Starting the day the right way is always important but, it’s particularly important when you’re on holiday.

I love seeking out the best coffee spots when I head somewhere new and I was thrilled to discover that Jersey has a thriving up and coming coffee scene.

Dandy needs to be high on your list when you visit the Channel Isle this sophisticated little shop produces a magic cup of coffee!

Two lattes at Dandy!

Dandy’s interior

First of all, we need to talk about how smart the place looks, carefully crafted wooden embellishments make the interior look like a mini art installation, it would not look out of place in London. I felt more sophisticated and cool just from walking into the place, I didn’t know you could become cool through osmosis – ha ha!

Henry, my more numerically minded better half, joined me on trip to Dandy, he’s a big coffee lover too and while his attention is usually on the caffeine even he commented on how swish it looked.

We received a warm welcome from the team busily brewing, and we must have arrived just at the right time because just after we’d sat down a queue formed out the door! The cafe is only tiny and it seats about six people, so it makes it perfect for a quick pit stop, or that morning commute.

In the background is the weird wooden slots that make the place look like an art installation!

The coffee menu at Dandy

The coffee menu is small and perfectly formed, a great shout for the caffeine purists of the world. They do have a great range of different milk alternatives and some sweet treats and snacks. And, for those of you looking for something slightly jazzier they do a chai latte or matcha. They are also selling a few bits like re-usable coffee cups. I eyed up some very cute keep cups on the shelf!

We ordered two lattes, and took a seat in the window which was perfect for people watching. Dandy on Conway Street is in a prime location, and bridges the space between the offices and the high street in St Helier. It’s funny how you can sit for five minutes and see so much as the world passes you by. It was a welcome break in our day.

The coffee was super strong and a really great blend, Jersey you are spoilt to have so many wonderful independent coffee shops, and if you live in St Helier you must try Dandy!

Two lattes at Dandy!

I liked it so much that I diverted Henry on our walk home to find its sister shop. By this time we’d had a lot of coffee and I was bouncing off the walls so we decided not to go in as we knew our will power for ordering coffee would not hold!

Of course we went to both Dandy coffee shops, this one is in La Colomberie, St. Helier

I’ve also fallen head over heals with Dandy’s Instagram page, it’s just as polished as its coffee shops!

Dandy’s Instagram Feed!

Amazing coffee, a dreamy interior and warm welcoming staff. Dandy, can I move in? Or could you at least decorate my home and stock it with coffee? No? Well it was worth a try! πŸ˜‚

Check out this divine little coffee shop if you head to Jersey!


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