‘This is my night’ eyeliner review from the MAC and Mariah Carey collaboration

Winter 2017 brought the much anticipated MAC collaboration with Mariah Carey. Her diva touches to the brand ensured that it sold out in record time. But, Santa must of been listening as the ‘This is my night’ MAC eye-liner sparkled and glittered its way into my life from under the Christmas tree.Thankfully my Mother used her ninja cosmetic skills to fight off the crowds at Christmas to get me a slice of the Mariah action. Mum brushed it off like it was ‘no big deal’ on the day. But, I could tell she had the look of satisfaction from mastering the aisles of our local John Lewis and battling other flustered parents to secure the liquid eye liner from the new range.


So to show a nod of appreciation to my Mum’s first-come-first-serve prowess I thought I’d pop a little review of the liner in case you didn’t get to see or try it out.

The packaging oozed luxury and the opulent matte gold and serious silver glitter represented the ‘heartbreaker’ songstress very well. It was stylish and showed restraint from tackier more ostentatious branding that would have been easy to do given the star’s historic diva reputation.

The packaging of the product was all matte gold with Mariah’s signature taking centre stage. Mariah’s a great fit for the brand. I’m sure that the release of this collaboration before Christmas, at the same time her famous Christmas song was rocketing back into the charts again was no coincidence! Mum had lots of fun with the Christmas tag, it said ‘All I want for Christmas is youuuuuuuuu!’



The product itself lives up to the MAC standard and I’ve found this lasts all day without smudging or wearing (as long as I don’t do the obvious and rub my eyes!).

A big, bold black wing is easily achieved. If you’re looking for a lighter line though don’t fear, the brush makes it very easy to do different types of eye liner.

Sometimes I have dip the brush a few times during application to ensure the same level of bold black across the full sweep of the eye. This isn’t an issue, but it does mean sometimes I can’t do my liner in one go.  It’s a great all-rounder to achieve lots of different liner looks.

In the image below I’ve had a go on my hand, my photography skills aren’t great, but it gives an idea of what to expect.


The name is really great but I think it should be changed from ‘This is my night’ to ‘This is Mum’s night’ as she really pulled a blinder in getting one of these!

There were so many other products in the Mariah Carey range. Did you manage to get any and give them a try – I’d love to know your thoughts? If you have any blogs on the collaboration and have tried anything different to me please share your post in the comments section.


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