Things To Do In Hampshire This Weekend | 1 January 2021

Welcome to the very first Things to do in Hampshire This Weekend post!

Discovering new places to visit or food to try is one of my favourite things to do and I’m so excited to start sharing these spots with you too.

I’ve been making recommendations for the past few months on Instagram Stories every Friday and I’ve decided it’s time to make it a more permanent fixture here on Bright Lights Big City.

Every Friday I’ll be recommending or suggesting five things across Hampshire for you to do. It will cover everything from big events to places to eat and drink at.

Guidelines & Boundaries

Before we get started, here’s a few guidelines, boundaries and things to expect from me and this series of posts.

Always do your homework

While I do my research and aim to find suitable suggestions I am only human and doing this as a hobby. Please do always double check the place you’re visiting to make sure they are open, if they require booking or for any additional or last minute guidelines that might have been implemented. I do not hold any responsibility for your day out, last minute closures to these places


Sometimes I’m invited to try places out or review them and they might feature on this list if I really like them and IF I think you’ll like them too. These posts will always be clearly marked as an AD. But, rest assured, if I don’t actually like it and wouldn’t recommend it to my friends it’s not going to be a suggestion!


Check the Government’s latest advice and follow it. My suggestions are just that – suggestions. And while I do my best to find things that can be done within tier restrictions, it’s always best to double check. Also, just because these might be an option doesn’t mean you have to do them. Only do what you feel comfortable with.

When to expect these posts

These posts should go out every Friday, ideally in the morning. But, like I’ve said already, I am human, this is a hobby and sometimes life just gets in the way! I’ll do my best to keep you up to date with any changes on my social media channels. Please do expect the odd changes though, a weekly post is a big commitment for someone with a full time job.

Short and Sweet

Unlike my other posts, these posts will be a lot shorter and punchier. They will give you a steer or where to find more information. This first post is probably a bit of an exception while I figure out the format and introduce you all to what I want to do every week.

Tier 4

Things to do in Hampshire This Weekend was born in lock down and I’m used to finding things that work around the various restrictions that may or may not be in place.

Obviously most, if not all, of Hampshire has tougher Tier 4 pandemic restrictions in place. Don’t risk your health or other people’s health and please follow all of the Government’s latest guidance, advice and rules.

It didn’t stop me from finding some really fantastic things to do over the past few months on Instagram. And, there’s still a couple of things you can still do within the restrictions.

Take a look…

A Rainbow at Marwell Zoo in Hampshire

1. Walk Marwell Zoo in Winchester

Thompson’s Lane, Colden Common, Winchester SO21 1JH

You can still visit certain Zoos in Tier 4 – Marwell Zoo is one of them! With plenty of open space, 140 acres to be precise, this is a wonderful way to spend your daily walk and see some animals too.

A Giraffe at Marwell Zoon in Hampshire

But, you must book in advance and there are plenty of rules to follow clearly explained on the Marwell Zoo webpage. It’s best to look there for the most up to date details.

Find out more about Marwell Zoo

2. Walk Netley Abbey in Southampton

Abbey Hill, Netley, Hampshire, SO31 5FB

Walk the ruins of historic Netley Abbey and continue to stretch your legs through Queen Victoria Country Park. While the ruins won’t take long, the country park down the road is a good place to go for a much longer walk.


Bex at Titchfield Abbey in Hampshire an English Heritage Site

3. Walk Titchfield Abbey near Whiteley

Mill Lane, Titchfield, Hampshire, PO15 5RA

Another gorgeous ruins to walk around, the small grounds will make you feel like you’re far from home even though you’re just down the road. Great for a short trip out.

Find out more about TITCHFIELD ABBEY

4. Walk The Zig Zag Path in Selborne

Selborne, Alton GU34 3JR

A walk you can make as long or as short as you like taking in one of the famous Hampshire hills called the ‘hangers’.

This walk has a couple of challenging points but the steep climbs are rewarded with fantastic views of the county.

Find out more about THE ZIG ZAG PATH IN SELBORNE

5. Walk the streets of Portsmouth to see Street Art

Various locations across Portsmouth and Southsea

Portsmouth has a thriving and flourishing street art scene that’s developing all the time. You don’t have to go to a gallery, walk outside your door and take in some incredible piece from local and international artists.


Things to do in Hampshire This Weekend

I really hope you like these suggestions and discover something new locally to do in the very first Things to do in Hampshire This Weekend.

While Tier 4 is very restrictive, these ideas aim to help you make the most of that daily walk and discover somewhere new locally to you.

Let me know if you’ve enjoyed any of these suggestions in the comments below.

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