Things To Do In Hampshire This Weekend | 26 FEBRUARY 2021

[AD] Welcome to Things to do in Hampshire This Weekend 26 February 2021!

At the beginning of the year I turned my regular Friday Instagram Stories recommendations into a blog post for the new year.

Every Friday I’ll be sharing five things across Hampshire for you to do, eat or visit. Normally my suggestions cover everything from events and places to explore to places to eat and drink at. This week we were given a glimmer of hope and potentially I might be able to share a lot more things to do in Hampshire come April. But, it’s still February lockdown is still on and I’m sharing safe things to do despite the pandemic.

This week I’ve a very special collaboration with one of my favourite book shops in the county, P&G Wells…

Things to do in Hampshire 26 February 2021

This week, Things To Do In Hampshire 26 February 2021 is a very special edition! It’s a collaboration with P&G Wells, a book shop that’s over 250 years old in Winchester.

While we can’t travel I wanted to give you other ways of experiencing Hampshire. I think one of the best ways to do that is through its creators, especially its writers.

The P&G Wells team has picked five books written by Hampshire authors, a selection of adult, young adult, fiction, non-fiction, biographies and children’s book to share with you.

Read ‘Discover 5 Books By Hampshire Authors in February 2021’

All of the books can be bought or pre-ordered through P&G Wells Bookshop in Winchester and you can find their latest bookshop updates on the P&G Wells Instagram account.

Let’s be honest who isn’t living for fun deliveries at the moment? A book order to brighten a lockdown weekend sounds like a great idea to me.

A different way to spend this weekend

It’s hard at the moment to share the best of Hampshire especially travel and food. But a book, well, that can be enjoyed just about anywhere and at any time. A book offers a little escapism and distraction especially in a dark and difficult time.

Reading and supporting Hampshire’s authors is a very different way to experience the county.

Normally everything I share on this blog I try to experience myself. My thought behind this way of working is so I can write honestly and only recommend or share things I like. But, I’ve realised in lockdown I can be a little flexible with this self-imposed rule.

The ‘Things To Do This Weekend’ post series give me the flexibility to share things I’d like to experience or have caught my eye in Hampshire. It also means I can speak to experts, like the team at P&G Wells and share their suggestions with you.

If you’re in Hampshire and want to collaborate on a Friday ‘Things to do in…’ post, get in touch by email.

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Things To Do In Hampshire 26 February 2021 edition is focused on Hampshire’s authors and supporting local independent business P&G Wells but, you’ll find plenty of other ideas in previous editions of this series of posts.

You can find previous posts from this series here:

Please do check all of the suggestions as restrictions change and local businesses frequently adapt hours and offerings or switch between being temporarily closed.

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