Things To Do In Hampshire This Weekend | 19 FEBRUARY 2021

Welcome to Things to do in Hampshire This Weekend 19 February 2021!

At the beginning of the year I turned my regular Friday Instagram Stories recommendations into a blog post for the new year.

Every Friday I’ll be sharing five things across Hampshire for you to do, eat or visit. Normally my suggestions cover everything from events and places to explore to places to eat and drink at. But, lockdown is still in full swing and I’m working hard to find safe things to do despite the pandemic.

Take a look at this week’s suggestions which focus on Hampshire’s virtual film and online performances…

Things to do in Hampshire 19 February 2021

This week, Things To Do In Hampshire 19 February 2021, I’m focusing on Hampshire’s virtual film and online performances.

While we’re all trapped at home these amazing ‘whisk you away’ films and creative performances offer something a little different to do and a bit of escapism.

I’ve been to all of these places and festivals previously and enjoyed very entertaining evenings at them.

1. Banff Film Festival

Banff isn’t in Hampshire I hear you cry! Well yes, you’d be right but the finest films from the annual two week adventure film festival tour the UK every year.

The festival has been wildly successful across Hampshire and Dorset and I’ve been to every one since they’ve been touring. They show in theatres and cinemas across the county and inevitably sell out every time they are so popular.

If you like incredible human stories about sacrifice, endeavour and how far you can push human limits, which also feature a bit of art and humour, then check this out.

Lockdown means the festival is now online and so is its sister festivals, the Ocean Film Festival and the Top Dog Film Festival, which also tour the county.

Weirdly I featured the festival in my vlog, back when I was making videos but, not on my blog but, I will remedy that.

Purchase a virtual viewing pass to watch The Banff Film Festival online at home.

2. Ocean Film Festival

Sister to Banff Film Festival this one is obviously all about the ocean and tells stories about all life that resides in or on the sea. Some are truly beautiful and others are epic tales of survival.

Both these film festivals are so uplifting and never fail to bring me joy and more determination to do exciting things with my life. I’ve also been to all of these film festivals since they’ve come to the UK – they are superb!

Read my blog post about a previous trip to THE OCEAN FILM FESTIVAL UK

Purchase a virtual viewing pass to watch The Ocean Film Festival on demand.

Purchase a virtual viewing pass to watch The Ocean Film Festival on demand as mentioned in Things to do in Hampshire This Weekend 19 February 2021!

3. Top Dog Film Festival

The third in the trio of film festival siblings and this one’s all about man’s best friend.

When I first saw this film festival I really wasn’t sure it was going to be my thing. I love dogs but a whole film festival, oh wait, I watch hours of dog videos on Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube, who am I kidding?

Longer ‘tails’ about incredible pooches, sign me up now, take my hard earned pennies!

Like Banff and the Ocean, the films are incredible and show a side to dogs that has to be seen to be believed. The relationship between people and dogs has never been so beautifully illustrated.

Purchase a virtual viewing pass to watch the Top Dog Film Festival on demand.

4. Theatre Royal Winchester

Has a current show, and more coming soon that you can pay to watch on demand. I adore this theatre can can’t wait to return in person.

See what’s available to view online from Theatre Royal Winchester.

5. Turner Sims

Turner Sims has effortless individuality and in non-pandemic times a varied program of performances. It announced this week that there’s an online offering arriving soon so keep an eye on its social media for the release.

See what’s coming up online from Turner Sims.

Things to do in Hampshire This Weekend

Well as lockdown rages on, the challenge is becoming significantly more difficult. I feel this was a bit of a wonky week. When I started I really thought there was going to be a few more local online performances. But, we’re all under the ‘cosh’, facing challenges and endless struggle right now so I understand why online performances for organisations might be a bit of a stretch. Perhaps one to review in the future!

Next week, I have my very first ‘Things to do in Hampshire This Weekend’ collaboration that I can’t wait to share with you.

If you’re in Hampshire and want to collaborate on a Friday ‘Things to do in…’ post, get in touch by email.

Things To Do In Hampshire 19 February 2021 edition is focused on Hampshire’s virtual film and online performances but, you’ll find plenty of other ideas in previous editions of this series of posts.

Let me know if you decide to try any of these suggestions in the in the comments below. 

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    1. It’s soooo good. We recommended the Banff Film Festival to some friends when we first started going, they went and that weekend they started plans to move to Canada like they’d always wanted to do, They moved a couple of years ago now! The power of film! They aren’t all life changing, some are funny, arty or human extremes but you always tend to come away from the films totally uplifted. I honestly love the film festivals so much, I think you can probably tell… 😂😂😂!

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