Things To Do In Hampshire This Weekend | 15 JANUARY 2021

Welcome to the third Things to do in Hampshire This Weekend 15 January 2021 post!

At the beginning of the year I turned my regular Friday Instagram Stories recommendations into a blog post for the new year.

Every Friday I’ll be sharing five things across Hampshire for you to do, eat or visit. Normally my suggestions cover everything from events and places to explore to places to eat and drink at. But, we’re in a National Lockdown so I’m working with what we’ve got and providing inspiration where possible.

Take a look at this week’s suggestions…

Things to do in Hampshire 15 January 2021

This week, Things To Do In Hampshire 15 January 2021, I’m focusing on great places to order food and drink treats from to have at home during the National Lockdown.

We’ve got to have a few perks, right?

1. Fill your Freezer

This sounds weird, right? But, I find having some treats or new things to try stocked away in the freezer is brilliant for perking up even the most grey and wintery of lockdown days.

For me, locally sourced freezer food bridges the gap between ‘I want takeaway’ and ‘fancy mega effort dinners’.

Scoff if you will, I am painfully aware that filling the freezer isn’t exactly exploring the county’s hot spots. But, if you decide to place an order and fill that freezer with treats from one of these places, you can thank me later! A delicious perk awaits you in the frost depths of your kitchen.

I feel like I’m only at the start of my local freezer filling adventures too. It’s honestly made some of the darkest days that little bit brighter and it’s the small things right now that can really make a difference.

Here’s some recommendations for local food to squirrel away in the freezer. As you might be able to tell I’ve a fondness for dumplings also known as mono and gyoza.

Dumpling Dumpling

Makes: Chinese Dumplings with fusion fillings
Recommended: The Chilli and Garlic Prawn and The Harbour Kitchen Burger Dumpling – vegetarian and vegan versions available
Delivers to: The Isle of Wight, Southampton and Portsmouth.

Marse The New Delicious

Makes: Nepalese Momo – the Nepal equivalent of Chinese Dumplings
Recommended: Beef and Chorizo Momo and Chicken and Cabbage Momo – vegetarian and vegan versions available
Delivers to: Winchester but, you can also buy and collect from the central Winchester Market Stall.


Makes: Um… Pies of course. Really good pies.
Recommended: Blue Steel: Slow cooked beef with stilton and Hen Party: chicken, ham, leek and thyme – vegetarian and vegan versions available
Collect From: Southampton and Winchester (6 for £30 at the time of publishing!)

These are just a few of the one’s I’ve tried and can personally recommend to get you started, there are lots more to discover across Hampshire.

If you discover any more, let me know in the comments below. I feel there’s something in this and I might make this into a proper, bigger post too.

Pies from offering takeaway in Lockdown featured in Things to do in Hampshire This Weekend 15 January 2021

2. Order a Takeaway

Hampshire has an incredible selection of independent businesses that offer takeaway for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner!

I couldn’t stop when I started listing places, so here’s a few to start you off.

On the blog already, so you can read more…

Other suggestions…

3. Order Locally Roasted Coffee Beans

Hampshire is turning into a coffee roasting Mecca. We are so unbelievably lucky, we have so many that I’ve had to create a directory, which you’ll find by clicking the link to my blog post below…


I’m making my way through trying the beans from these roasters. And, I have shared recommended blends or origins from the ones I’ve tried so far.

You don’t have to sacrifice good coffee just because you’re at home.

4. Order from a Local Distillery or Vineyard

Hampshire as well as being popular for coffee, it’s also brilliant place for gin and wine.

If you’re missing cocktails out or the pub, why not treat yourself to something a little nicer for an at home tipple.

You’ll find great local gins and rums at these five distilleries, which coincidentally also offer tours when open too.


If wine is more your thing take a look at these award winning Hampshire Vineyards.


5. Order some Sweet Treats

There’s a whole bunch of places you can order sweet treats from in Hampshire.

Try these to see if they can satisfy your sweet tooth…

Bonham's Bonbons in Things to do in Hampshire This Weekend 15 January 2021

Food inspiration…

Lockdown is the perfect opportunity to try out that recipe you’ve always wanted to have a go at.

And, if that doesn’t tickle your fancy this week you can always get some inspiration from one of these Netflix food shows.


Things to do in Hampshire This Weekend

Cor blimey this National Lockdown is making these Things to do in Hampshire posts a real challenge. Things To Do In Hampshire 15 January 2021 edition is focused on food but you’ll find lots of walks and other ideas by browsing the blog and in previous editions of this series of posts.

I really hope you’re keeping your chin up. It feels just as hard as the first lockdown if not a little harder, doesn’t it? Some days I’m fine and other days everything feels ridiculously difficult. If you’re feeling the same and fancy a chat, head over to Instagram, you’re most likely to find me there.

Let me know if you decide to try any of these suggestions in the in the comments below. 

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