Things To Do In Hampshire This Weekend | 12 FEBRUARY 2021

Welcome to Things to do in Hampshire This Weekend 12 February 2021!

Every Friday I share five things across Hampshire for you to do, eat or visit. Normally my suggestions cover everything from events and places to explore to places to eat and drink at. But, we’re in a National Lockdown so I’m working with what we’ve got and providing inspiration where possible.

Take a look at this week’s suggestions which focus on making the most of your daily walk, exercise and the outdoors…

Things to do in Hampshire 12 February 2021

This week, Things To Do In Hampshire 12 February 2021, I’m focusing on different ways you can enjoy the outdoors to level up your daily walk.

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to say that you should only do these ‘within the rules of the national lockdown’. But, it’s always good to make things clear, just in case Dominic Cummings is reading this..

1. Go Wild Sea Swimming

Last weekend a friend suggested sea swimming to lift the spirits. And, after a very tough month I pulled out my wetsuit and decided to give it a go. Best. Decision. Ever.

Yes it was very cold and I couldn’t feel my feet but what a rush. Hello endorphins. It was only a quick dip and it definitely helped me feel better.

Obviously this only works if you’re within walking distance of a body of water that’s suitable for a swim. But if you do, it’s a really easy way to add something a little different into your routine.

Watch my first winter sea swim on time lapse

Wild swimming in Things To Do In Hampshire 12 February 2021

2. Go Foraging

Foraging is an exciting way to experience the outside but, must be treated with respect. I’ve foraged samphire, blackberries, strawberries and wild garlic before but I’m trying to expand my knowledge base at the moment. I’ve got my eye on the yellow gorse growing by my house!

If you’re looking to get into foraging, get some books and follow the experts like Fern Freud on Instagram. I’m totally obsessed with Fern, she makes learning about foraging really fun, and turns her finds into achievable recipes too. Her Instagram account is a dream and she gives you all the valuable advice you need to get started.

Local Hampshire Gorse in Things To Do In Hampshire 12 February 2021

P.S. Only pick things you are a hundred percent sure of the species. And, if you’re a beginner, I’d advise avoiding mushrooms completely until you’ve done your homework!

3. Go Nature Spotting

While I’m no Chris Packham, yes from the Really Wild Show and more currently BBC’s Springwatch, taking some time out to spot what you can see on your walk can be really relaxing.

The prolonged lockdown is crazy stressful and a walk is our only outlet to physically break up our daily routine.

The transition from Winter to Spring is beautiful and there’s plenty of birds, baby animals and flowers that start to spring up.

Actually, the Springwatch website is full of awesome resources for things to do at home and on your daily walk like…

  • How to help wildlife at home
  • Wildlife from your window
  • Hannah’s how to video collection

4. Do your daily exercise in the garden or the park

Grab that skipping rope, kettle bell or HIIT workout and take it into the garden or your local park. Not only to you get some natural light on your retinas, good for your internal circadian rhythm (your body clock and sleep cycle), but a change of scene however minor will help your mindset.

5. Do your bit for your local area and pick up litter

If you want a little feel good boost, take a pair of rubber gloves and a bin bag and litter pick on your daily walk.

It might seem like a small action but if everyone did it, it would make a huge impact. I saw two ladies out on my walk the other day scouring the beach for plastic and rubbish. They were laughing and chatting while doing their collection and it made me think I’m going to do this on my next walk. I’ve done it before on organised beach clean events and I don’t know why I didn’t think to take a bag out on my walks.

I saw one family collecting rubbish to take home and turn into art which is a great idea. Obviously pick your rubbish wisely and give it a good scrub before making your creations!

Things to do in Hampshire This Weekend

I hope Things To Do In Hampshire 12 February 2021 edition gave you a few ideas to enhance your daily walk and switch up your routine.

This lockdown is not easy. In fact it’s so hard, winter lockdown is a new level of difficult. But, switching up your routine or tweaking your daily walk can help with the cabin fever. They might only be little changes but they do feel like big things at the moment and can help stop that feeling of Groundhog Day.

Let me know if you decide to try any of these suggestions in the in the comments below. 

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Please do check all of the suggestions as restrictions have changed and local businesses have adapted their hours and offerings or temporarily closed too.

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