The Steam Room in Southsea

The Steam Room in Southsea opened in 2020 mid pandemic and is a welcome addition to Portsmouth’s vibrant coffee scene.

This cosy set up on Elm Grove became an instant hit with speciality coffee and an amazing camp fire hot chocolate. It’s an experience I’m totally smitten with!

Find out why The Steam Room should be on your list of cafes to visit next…

The coffee counter at The Steam Room Southsea in Portsmouth, Hampshire

The Steam Room

📍99 Elm Grove, Southsea, Portsmouth, Southsea PO5 1LH

Portsmouth has a thriving independent cafe scene and The Steam Room brings awesome coffee to Elm Grove. It’s quickly shot to the top of my favourite places to visit.

I’d say other than Winchester, Portsmouth is THE best place to go for great independent coffee shops and cafes in Hampshire.

Inside The Steam Room Southsea in Portsmouth, Hampshire

I love the aesthetic, dark greys, wooden tables and plenty of gold and greenery bringing corners of The Steam Room to life. The interior is just right and the sort of place you want to visit on the weekends.

The Steam Room Southsea in Portsmouth, Hampshire

It’s got that special something, an inviting vibe and a stellar atmosphere that makes you want to hang out there.

A handful of tables makes this a great place for a short stop, a morning brew or nab a bench seat to get some work on your laptop done.

The Steam Room Southsea in Portsmouth, Hampshire

In just a fifteen minute a short stroll you’ll find yourself on Southsea seafront too, which is a nice way to spend any morning with a coffee in hand.


Caravan Coffee is the speciality coffee of choice available at The Steam Room, and I’m a big fan. I’ve been getting Caravan coffees on trips to London for a couple of years, so it’s awesome to be able to have it more regularly and locally!

Flat White Coffees at The Steam Room Southsea in Portsmouth, Hampshire

There’s also plenty of milk alternatives on offer, which is now pretty normal in cafes but is always good to know.

Coffee at The Steam Room Southsea in Portsmouth, Hampshire

The range of coffees is for the purist and I like it like that. But, if you are going to sample something else from the menu let it be the Camp Fire Hot Chocolate.

Hot chocolate at The Steam Room Southsea in Portsmouth, Hampshire

A toasted marshmallow, bonfire smoke and a smooth velvety hot chocolate all the way from Australia. It’s epic. And, it quickly put The Steam Room on the map locally, and once you’ve had one you’ll see why.

A Camp Fire Hot Chocolate at The Steam Room Southsea in Portsmouth, Hampshire

You have to tip the cup holding the smoke up the right way, add your marshmallow and pour over the hot chocolate. Do this fairly quickly to soak in all those delicious smokey smells while supping the smooth and delicious hot chocolate.

The hot chocolate poured over the marshmallow at The Steam Room Southsea in Portsmouth, Hampshire

The hot chocolate is so good, it’s very well balanced and not sickly sweet. It’s really well balanced and is very satisfying rather than overtly rich. If you want a treat, this is the drink to order!

Portsmouth’s Vibrant Coffee Scene

Get this on your list to visit the next time you’re in Southsea. Incredible coffee and hot chocolate, this is my kind of place and is now on my favourite places in Southsea to visit.

Rumour is that they’ll be expanding the food they do too from morning pastries. I find this really exciting because they also own One Tonne Burger Co, so you know the snacks they’ll be serving will be well thought through. Look out for updates and developments on The Steam Room’s Instagram page.

Oh and before I sign off, it’s also a great central place to visit Rose Clover, the amazing plant shop next door and The Package Free Larder across the road which is fantastic for a zero waste essential shop. Don’t forget your bags to decant things into. There’s lots more in the area but those are two great places to visit while you’re there.

Let me know if you’ve been or are discovering The Steam Room for the first time in the comments below.

Visit The Steam Room Southsea on Instagram.

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