The #StartingOut Series

If you’re starting out in public relations then you might want to check out my new blog feature, The #StartingOut Series.

It’s going to be interviews with top industry practitioners and helpful tips, tricks and advice to help you get your PR career going or develop it further.

When I wrote my goals at the beginning of they year I wish I’d put ‘helping other people in PR’. It’s always been something close to my heart and something I’ve publicly spoken and blogged about in my post Converging Careers Conference 2015 at Southampton Solent University in November 2015.

Vuelio interviewed me in April 2017 and I was asked about my plans for the blog in the future. I had a few ideas but nothing fully formed and honestly they were changing from week to week.

You can read my interview here: I’m on Vuelio’s Blogger Spotlight!

The more I thought about it, the more I realised I wanted to help people through the experiences I had getting into PR and with advice that’s actually useful.

It’s taken me a while to figure out how I wanted to do that. I want to get information straight from the source, the people on the ground doing PR, events, marketing and advertising every day. Their advice will be invaluable to people who are starting and developing their careers.

The #StartingOut Series aims to help new PR practitioners with useful blog posts and interviews with key industry practitioners.

I’m hoping that The #StartingOut Series will help other people getting into PR with tips, tricks and advice to inform them and guide them on their journey.

It’s a tough industry and I’ve often felt alone. If I can help one person understand something or feel less alone in their journey then I think that will be a great achievement. Help and support in such a demanding environment goes a long way to improving confidence, skills and understanding.

I’ve got my first interview already lined up and it will be coming out shortly, watch this space!

In the mean time over the past year I’ve already written some useful posts that will help people starting out on their PR journey.

Useful posts I’ve already written…

Also, if you’re blogging and in PR, check out…

@PRBloggers – a new Twitter account for people who blog about public relations

If you’re a PR, advertising, marketing or events practitioner and want to share your wisdom I’d love to hear from you! Get in touch by emailing me through the contact me section.

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