The six C’s of blogger boxes

Blogger subscription boxes have really taken off over the past six years since Birchbox came up with its beauty box idea back in 2010.  The boxes are a monthly subscription service for consumers the most popular, the beauty box, has exploded the blogosphere due to its accessible and affordable nature.

At the moment the majority of boxes in the UK are beauty focused, but we are rapidly catching up with our friends across the pond. In America you can get pretty much anything now by subscription. Monthly boxes include jewellery, shoes, drinks and even some more risqué products that you might not want to be seen out shopping for!

Expansion is coming to the UK, check out The Telegraph’s top 15 subscription box recommendations for some new monthly mail. There are some gems in that selection, the coffee sounds very tempting. Even Birchbox, which has its roots firmly in beauty, has recently created a home box full of cosy, chic additions to brighten up your pad.

Until this month I didn’t really understand the hype, but weirdly I found myself regularly checking the post to see if my box had arrived. Once the box got delivered it took all my will power to not open it there and then. Instead I zipped it away in my bag until I got home that evening – out of sight, out of mind!

At home it felt like I had received a little gift in the post, that for once wasn’t a bill, take away leaflets or a charity donation bag. Yes, I paid for this postal package, but that’s a lot of fun feelings delivered to your door for only £12. It’s a bit like getting a monthly adult Kinder Egg. I opened it excitedly and couldn’t wait to try the contents out. Suddenly I got it – treat yo’self!

If you’re thinking about getting a subscription box, have a look at my six C’s of blogger boxes to see why I think they are beneficial for bloggers and consumers.

1. Convenience

Treats direct to your door once a month, great for a busy schedule.

2. Connections

The boxes create a link between brands and bloggers and consumers.

3. Comfort Zone

Blogger boxes contain a mix of things you may have never picked for yourself. The box provides variety, new discoveries and can even push you out of your comfort zone.

4. Content

Quality content is of utmost importance when blogging and having a little boost every month can be a helpful focus.

5. Cost efficient

Unless you are earning mega bucks or are being gifted press samples it can be very expensive reviewing products, brands, services or food and drink regularly. Most boxes are affordable ways to access those to see what works for you without the huge outlay.

6. Confidence

There is also another reason that is more about emotion and wellbeing. Lately I have been so consumed with all the pressures of adult life, the responsibilities and commitment that I put myself on the back burner. A little box of treats can give you a little material boost and the tools to physically make you feel like you’re looking after yourself. Some beauty boxes start from as little as £7, so they need not break the bank.

Good luck on your subscription box adventure, I hope this has helped you make up your mind if you were debating whether to try one or not.

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  1. Thanks for following my blog and leading me to yours. There are some brilliant tips and tools that will really help me as a ‘relative novice’ in the blogging world.. Very much appreciated! x

      1. i’m certain they will help.. I’ve printed some ‘key words’ off to start planning some future posts.. much appreciated! x

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