The September 2018 Yoga Challenge

It’s September and National Yoga Month which means I’m back on my yoga mat to practice #yogaeverydamnday

Last year famous yogi Rachel Brathen set the #yogagirlchallenge to encourage practice and join the yoga community together. I’m going to keep the tradition going and this month, every day for 30 days I’m going to get on my mat and do a little bit of yoga each day.

I did this challenge last year and found it both difficult and rewarding. You’d think doing yoga every day would be easy but it isn’t. Some weeks it came to be so natural and other weeks I had to force myself on my mat to practice in my living room.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do each day yet as I like finding different things and sometimes it’s hard squeezing a class in when you have other life commitments.

If you want to join me there’s loads of resources online and you can use any of them to join in!

The DOYOUYOGA sessions are free!

Initially I’m going to be using a mix of the following resources:

  • I’ve signed up to use DOYOUYOGA, a free 30 day yoga challenge tool with videos from Jess Rose. I love the format of this app-style program and love that it records each session that you do. I can’t wait to start this!
  • Erin Motz YouTube Yoga Challenge Videos – this link takes you to the first video called The Original Yoga Challenge – Day 1 – Let’s get started! This video links directly through to all the other videos for each day which are listed numerically.
  • Two Yeats ago Yoga Journal created different practices for every day of September, the articles called Daily Practice Challenge: Commit to Your Mat for 30 Days and the links to the yoga are near the bottom. I used this last year and will use it again this year as it was so useful.
  • My YogaGirl book and other yoga books – I have many!
  • Yoga DVDs – I’ve picked these up from charity shops and I have the funniest collection of yoga DVDs. Some of them are so bad it’s funny and I end up rolling around on my mat laughing at them.
  • Pinterest and Instagram – just search ‘yoga challenge’ for ideas…
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I found this article last year on ways to celebrate National Yoga Month. I haven’t found a better one for this year yet. In fact there’s not much out there this year for the yoga challenge, last year there was so much. So I’m sharing Wanderlust’s article on ways to celebrate and participate in National Yoga Month. 

Are you doing the #challenge? If you are pop me a message and your details so I can follow you and we can support each other through the month!

One day to go- time to unroll that mat!

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