The one where we had coffee from Bean Around the World in Jersey

So no-one told you life was gonna be this way 👏👏👏👏. This is the one where we had coffee at the closest version to a real-life Central Perk from Friends.

Take a look at Bean Around The World, an amazing coffee spot in Jersey…

I’ve got a keen eye for cute shops serving excellent coffee and Jersey has a couple of real gems, like this beauty!

In a great location, just a minute from St Helier’s central markets, it’s in the corner shop on Halkett Place happily situated to catch the best of the early morning rays.

Inside Bean Around The World

This kitsch 90s coffee stop is a heavenly departure from its more modern counterparts. It oozes character, the staff were lovely and it was clearly very popular with the locals. How did I know it was popular with the Jersey crowd? Well when I visited it was 7am and there were queues forming out of the door, the staff were primed and they dealt with in no time – I was watching a well-oiled-commuter-coffee-satisfying-machine.

Mustard yellow and dark green adorn the walls, a row of stools line the window so you can sit and watch the world go by and in front of the counter are a small number of tables. While it’s not massive it’s not tiny and there’s some outside seating which has the serious advantage of capturing the sunshine all day long!

The menu

Bean Around The World roast their own coffee beans and the menu is a good mix of coffees, teas and a whole chocolate and iced coffee section. (FYI – I’m now wondering if I can buy some of the beans from home, if you read this Bean Around The World Team, please let me know!)

You can pick your coffee blend and alternative milks are available. Juices, smoothies and a counter full of breakfast chia yogurts, paninis and other snack time treats. Next time I’ll have to grab some food here!

There’s even a disco ball hanging from the ceiling!

After much deliberation the first round of coffees were lattes, which were so good – strong, balanced and I could have easily sunk a couple of them.

It’s such an incredible independent and it makes me wish that Hampshire, especially Southampton, had a better independent coffee scene. We are seriously lacking and Jersey, you don’t know how lucky you’ve got it, the coffee gods have blessed you.

We didn’t have long until we were off to breakfast and I was really keen to try something else on the menu that had caught my eye, the Mexican hot chocolate.

It’s a blend of cocoa, cinnamon and chilli and it is the best drink everrrrrrrrr! It’s the perfect balance of spice and sweet, and sorry to sound cheesy but it’s a big hug in a mug. It will be even better in autumn and winter as it’s very warming and tasty. If I lived nearby I’d be in danger of overdosing on this stuff. It’s the first time I’ve ever had this drink and I’m hooked!

I wish I had the recipe as I’d make this all the time at home. I’ve taken some Mexican hot chocolate recipes off the internet and I’m going to dabble at making my own. If anyone regularly makes Mexican hot chocolate and has any tips or good recipes please do share them.

I’m so glad I ordered both drinks I wanted as it’s led to this awesome discovery…

A Mexican hot chocolate from Bean Around The World!

Excellent coffee in Jersey

Bean Around The World is a great stop for coffee fans heading to or living in Jersey. I lived my very best ‘Friends’ life in the comfortable cafe and enjoyed some really incredible coffee and found a new version of hot chocolate which has shot itself to the top of my favourite drink list.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, Bean Around The World is well worth seeking out!

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    1. Oops! Sorry! It’s also a Channel Island – just off France. Very pretty, great fresh seafood 🦞, a specific type of tasty potato beloved by Brits called the Jersey Royal 🥔 (I kid you not!) and plenty of cheese and wine.

      In tax terms it’s the UK’s Caymen Islands! 😂 Lots of cheaper makeup, alcohol and other useful things.

      It’s also tiny – you can drive anywhere in 30 mins.

      I’ve been to Jersey stateside once, I’d love to go back!

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