The Liberty Lounge launches in Portsmouth

There’s not many places after school and University where you can go to learn, grow and find your identity.

I don’t know about you but I’m still evolving, I don’t ever think we stop. Weirdly, some people think this stops as we get older? And, there isn’t many spaces to explore your interests or who you are.

I’m so pleased that a new creative space for women has opened in Southsea – I’m so here for this!

It’s called The Liberty Lounge and, using their words, they’ve opened a ‘mind-gym’. I love this concept and can’t wait to see what they do with the space, how they’ll support women and what classes and workshops they’ll hold.

Take a look at The Liberty Lounge

I went to the launch night, as my wonderfully empowered friend’s plus one, where a bunch of fabulous ladies got together to support this awesome venture. The turn out was real! And, I learned a bit more about the concept, classes, membership and the aim of the organisation.

Cocktails for the launch of The Liberty Lounge
Cocktails on launch night!

What is The Liberty Lounge?

The ladies from the lounge describe it much better than I do…

“The Liberty Lounge is a social enterprise that aims to create a safe space for women to grow, experiment with their identity and find their path. We aim to provide a network to connect and empower women. By taking down the barriers society has put between us, Together We Rise.”

However at the launch, like I said earlier, they referred to the new enterprise as a ‘mind-gym’ and I feel that’s such a great way at looking at what they’re trying to achieve.

Women supporting other women to find who they are and reach their potential. It’s a great mission to have!

It’s also an actual ‘lounge’ with a shop space not far from popular Palmerston Road in Southsea, Portsmouth.

Workshops and Classes

The Liberty Lounge is building women up and empowering them through a full range of workshops and classes for women to attend.

Everything from digital skills to arts, make up and mindfulness. There’s even more specific things for new mothers like breastfeeding safe spaces, confidence workshops and ‘The Book Nook’ a weekly book club.

It looks like a really nice range of different activities that will appeal to all kinds of women who are looking to achieve different things in their lives.


The classes can be paid for individually or  a membership basis with ‘off-peak’ and ‘peak’ options that include different access to classes and resources.

For details on the latest membership prices and what it gives you access to check out The Liberty Lounge Membership page.

The creative community is really thriving in Portsmouth and I am really excited to see how the program of events develops and what classes are held.

I’m love to embrace my creative side, it’s one of my favourite things to do and I can’t wait to try one of the classes out soon!

Now just what to pick first… 🤔🤔🤔

A fire dancer outside The Liberty Lounge in Southsea
A fire dancer at the launch of The Liberty Lounge

Let me know if you’ve been to The Liberty Lounge and what class you’ve been to, I’d love to hear about your experience.

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