The Fitness Diaries June 2019 – Falling off the exercise wagon

I am so far off the wagon, I can’t even see the wagon! Month four on my fitness journey has been what most would deem as an EPIC FAILURE. Trying to keep all to my commitments while sticking to exercise has not worked in June.

There’s been no Couch to 5k training program, no gym sessions and no weights. This is not good, in fact, it’s worse than that – how could I let this happen?

Like I’ve said before these posts about my journey are not preachy, it’s just one girl on a mission to feel happier in herself.

Join me as I share my journey, work outs and motivations, or lack of them, in June!

Not going to the gym

This GIF just about sums up how tough June was! In the first week I went to the gym and continued my 5k training, I also went to a yoga festival too called The Awakening on the Isle of Wight, I am going to blog about it so I won’t go into detail about it on this post. I will say it was excellent though and I did a full day of yoga and various other workshops based on improving mindfulness. I also went to yoga on the beach in Bournemouth too and at this stage the motivation was still high.

I had a wonderful time at The Awakening yoga festival on the Isle of Wight!
Yoga on the beach – a press session for the Beach Yoga Festival in Bournemouth

But, after that week I just stopped going, saying to myself that I’d go the next day. And, this next GIF describes how I’m currently feeling about it…

Why? Well, too much happened and I couldn’t keep up with everything. It’s been a stressful month, my car broke, I’ve had a few events and well, these are all just excuses. I wasn’t coping with everything life was throwing at me and that’s the truth.

By the time I got home, cooked and dealt with the various stresses in my life the best I could do was to go to bed. And, you know what, some months that’s ok. It’s ok to focus on just surviving life but, people never just say that.

Sleep, rest and balance is just as important as exercise. But, all I’ve done is been hard on myself, berating myself, ever since. All I’ve done is be negative and after the month of stress I’ve had just surviving is awesome and I need to be more positive. It’s difficult to see this when you’ve not been to the gym in over three weeks.

If you’re experiencing anything similar cut yourself some slack, life is hard. While it’s really upset me that I’ve let my routine go nothing is stopping from me from re-starting. What I need to focus on now is making an effort and getting my motivation back.

June feels, motivation and monthly mantra

June may have not gone to plan but it’s time to get myself back in gear and into the gym. Exercise makes me feel tons better and I need to get our of my stress funk.

Last month I finally started to see a change in my clothes and I really don’t want to stop after I made such good progress with my basic fitness. I started June so well, and I need to get that feeling and drive back.

I’m going to find some exercises that get me back on the straight and narrow. If you have any recommendations or things to try please do send them my way. I need help.

While this month hasn’t be great, it still deserves a mantra and if you’ve read any of the previous Fitness Diaries posts you’ll know that I usually take some positivity from the Fabulous Five and use some of their kind and wise words to remind myself to be kinder to myself. This month, despite the lack of exercise, still needs a mantra and I think I’ve found it…

“Love yourself on three!”
— Jonathan Van Ness

What’s in store for July

July has to be about getting back on the wagon. Any tips or motivational comments are required, I need you to kick my butt into action!

In July I have ONE GOAL…

…to do some exercise…regularly!

Hopefully then I can return to June’s goals…

  1. Keep exercising regularly
  2. Re-introduce the weights and circuit sessions now the biggest part of the garden has been done 
  3. Start yoga again
  4. Do Week 4 of Couch to 5k and continue the training program
  5. Attend some gym classes to start increasing my fitness

I’ll see you next month with another update, hopefully with more actual fitness in it.

As always I’ll leave you with this wonderful statement I picked up from the third series of Queer Eye. I use it as a continual reminder to not neglect myself, that it’s ok to take care of yourself. Over to JVN…

“How you take care of yourself is how the world sees you. It’s OK to have a relationship with yourself.”

— Jonathan Van Ness

Click here to read my first post to find out why I started this series on my blog.

Don’t forget to leave me some fitness motivation so I can get back into the swing of things!

See you at the end of July!

5 thoughts on “The Fitness Diaries June 2019 – Falling off the exercise wagon

  1. I feel off for almost 3 years….only back into the gym for the past 5 months! It’s hard but the end results are worth it!

      1. It has taken me a long time to understand, not just know, that fitness is more of a game of patience and results that take time. And that diet makes up more than 60% of the actual out come!

      2. I know, I definitely need to put down the pizza 🙈🙊 ha ha! But I’m back going regularly again now, July has been more positive and I know August is going to be strong. It’s quite nice to write about it and reflect on what I’ve done during the month really. It keeps me in check!

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