The Fitness Diaries July 2019 – Trying and failing to get back on the exercise wagon

Last month I fell off the wagon in a big way. While month four of my fitness journey was a disaster, the only way was up in July.

Month five of my fitness journey has been very patchy as I try and climb back on the exercise wagon.

For those of you new to my blog, these posts document my journey but are not preachy, it’s just one girl on a mission to feel happier in herself.

Join me as I share my journey, work outs and motivations in July.

Returning to the gym

July flew past and despite being conscious of the lack of effort I’d made in June, I just couldn’t find my motivation. I was tired and with a busy work life I was just trying to survive. While I found this painful, my post in June just about sums how I’ve been feeling and barriers I was facing trying to exercise more.

In the second half of June though things picked up. I’ve had a few gym sessions back and while its been far from perfect, there’s no pressure, I’m back in the gym. You’ve got to take the gains when you can get them.

However I’d get on the wagon, fall off again, and get back on again. It’s not been easy.

All I’ve managed so far is cardio sessions of half an hour on the cross trainer, but this is absolutely better than nothing. I need to be happy with moving forward even if the progress is slow and not consistent. I say ‘need’, I’m not happy about it and keep judging myself so harshly for not being back in the gym regularly. Why am I so hard on myself.

[AD] Thankfully at the very end of July I received a very inspirational package from The Protein Works full of exciting protein products to try and this has really helped me find some motivation ahead of August.

August motivation and monthly mantra

It may have taken me a while and longer than I expected but my motivation is returning. It’s a slow path though and it’s been a struggle just to get back in the gym.

Patience here is key and I’m trying not to be too negative about my efforts. It’s disheartening though and I know I can do better. My progress this month is a real driver for next month and I’m finding writing these blogs really helpful as I can track my progress.

If you have any tips or tricks for staying motivated, or fostering motivation right now is the time to send them to me. I need some community spirit to keep me on track.

As you’ll know, if you’ve read any of the previous Fitness Diaries posts, I focus on some wise words capture in GIF form from the Fabulous Five and use these nuggets of wisdom to remind myself to be kinder to myself. I find being kind to myself hard, my inner voice constantly worries and focuses on my negative points, it is a saboteur and holds me to impossibly high standards – sound familiar? Don’t sweat, I’m right there with you, join my club! This month’s mantra is a good one…

“Remember, it’s a journey”
— Karamo Brown

It’s easy to forget that you’re human and you’ve got to take these days and months one at a time. It’s too easy to get overwhelmed and I need to start breaking it down so it’s more manageable.

What’s in store for August

August has to be about getting fully back on the wagon. None of this one leg on, one leg off approach.

My goal set in July remains the same for August – I’ve got to do some regular exercise instead of doing lots one week and nothing the next.

Hopefully then I can return to June’s goals which were…

  1. Keep exercising regularly
  2. Re-introduce the weights and circuit sessions
  3. Start yoga again
  4. Do Week 4 of Couch to 5k and continue the training program
  5. Attend some gym classes to start increasing my fitness

In every one of these fitness posts I leave you in the capable hands of Jonathan Van Ness who said this great quote in the third series of Queer Eye. It is my constant reminder that I must not neglect myself and that it’s ok to take care of yourself.

“How you take care of yourself is how the world sees you. It’s OK to have a relationship with yourself.”

— Jonathan Van Ness

Click here to read my first post to find out why I started this series on my blog.

See you at the end of August!

2 thoughts on “The Fitness Diaries July 2019 – Trying and failing to get back on the exercise wagon

  1. Hey Rebecca! 😊
    It’s perfectly okay that you fell off the wagon last month. Like you said we often forget we are humans and sometimes judge ourselves too harshly. I think you’re doing pretty good because you still haven’t given up which I think is very good quality. We all need motivation sometimes to keep going. I used to hate doing any physical exercise until last year. I was a very lazy ass. But then I joined a fitness centre where I go for yoga and zumba classes. I really enjoy doing that, so it doesn’t feel like a workout to me. Gym and weight training isn’t my thing. I find it very so boring that I can do it for even a day. So I guess, we all have some activities which we love doing and some we hate doing. Maybe you can find out what you love doing so that it doesn’t feel like a workout but something you do for fun (just a suggestion from personal experience 😅).
    I like your keep going spirit. All the best to you for your this month’s fitness goal. YOU CAN DO IT!👍😊

    1. Oh my goodness this is the nicest message ever! Thank you so much – it’s just what I needed. I love working out and when I’m in routine I’m great, but when I fall out of it I really struggle. I am determined to keep going and have been going more this month (except for the past week and a half because I got sick!)

      I love Yoga and Zumba and I’m always up for trying anything new.

      I’ll have to read some of your posts xxx

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