The Fitness Diaries August 2019 – Exercise and illness

Month six of my fitness journey is another rollercoaster of a month. Just when I had got back on the wagon, I came down with a bug and was a bit under the weather.

Setbacks be dammed, the motivation is real!

These posts are not preachy, it’s just documenting one girl’s mission to feel happier in herself.

Join me as I share my journey, work outs and motivations in August.

If you’ve read my previous two posts in this series, you’d already be aware that I’ve been struggling with falling off the fitness wagon. It’s been really hard for me to get back on but I really felt August would be my month.

An excellent start

Yoga, zumba, aerobics and a gym session, well hello August! What a first week I had, I was flying, and I really felt like I’m back! And, isn’t that feeling the best? It feels so good to be hitting your goals and feeling better for it.

But I swear life likes to throw you a god damn curveball every time. I came down with a cold about 10 days into August. Are you kidding me? It’s so frustrating.

[AD] I’d only just got an incredible inspirational package from The Protein Works full of protein products to try.

By the time I’d recovered I was away on a work trip and then headed off on holiday so I’m looking forward to coming back, getting back on the wagon and using The Protein Works products to make September an incredible fitness month!

Anyway, here’s a few snaps from before I became sick, just to show you that fitness isn’t super glossy Instagram shots.

Fitness is a bright red, sweat dripping off your nose, hair slicked back affair. This is the reality of fitness!

Yoga face (on one of the hottest days of the year – even my phone steamed up!)
Post Zumba face!
Sweaty gym face!

It’s ok that August didn’t really go to plan. I’ve now adjusted my expectations and am looking forward to the month ahead.

August motivation and monthly mantra

I am so ready for September! Not only did I have a holiday booked in but I know some rest and being outdoors will help massively with getting back on track.

Every month I pick a GIF of the Fabulous Five and use some of those quotes to remind myself that I’m on a journey, to be kinder to myself and that I’m doing my best under the current circumstances. This month it is..

“Can you believe?”
— Jonathan Van Ness

Can you believe it took me two months to find my motivation and then just when I did I went and got sick. Belief is important, I now have it again and am ready to get back on that fitness wagon. Can you believe? Yes, I ruddy well can. I have the power to change my habits, my life and my situation.

I started this journey because I am unhappy with my fitness and only I can be the one that changes that!

I think it’s taken some time out for me to be able to get back in the right head space to get the motivation to be in the gym.

What’s in store for September

June’s goals were…

  1. Keep exercising regularly
  2. Re-introduce the weights and circuit sessions now the biggest part of the garden has been done 
  3. Start yoga again
  4. Do Week 4 of Couch to 5k and continue the training program
  5. Attend some gym classes to start increasing my fitness

And, I’ve been chasing these ever since. It’s not worked so I now have set myself one goal – consistency and regularity. I need to be going week in, week out without fail and that is my one goal for September. Baby steps – one simple focus.

As always…. I leave you in the capable hands of Jonathan Van Ness and a quote from the third series of Queer Eye. It is my constant reminder that I must not neglect myself and that it’s ok to take care of yourself.

“How you take care of yourself is how the world sees you. It’s OK to have a relationship with yourself.”

— Jonathan Van Ness

Click here to read my first post to find out why I started this series on my blog.

See you at the end of September!

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