The deer on my doorstep

The other night I came home from the gym, stepped out of the car and it felt like someone was watching me.

Slowly I turned around and four beady little eyes were focused on me and little ears were standing to attention. Frozen like statues a mother deer and baby deer were watching my every move.

My photographs are a little blurry – I’m no wildlife photographer of the year, sorry!

After they’d figured out I wasn’t an immediate threat they went about their business eating, frolicking and being a bit nosey.

The experience was magical and happened about 10 feet from our door in the stretch of woodland that runs in front of our house.

I feel so lucky to have seen the deer up close and spent about 20 minutes watching them go about their business until they wandered off deeper into the woods.

After a long week and a big gym session it really made my day. There’s something about seeing nature up close that puts things in perspective and feels special.

Have you have any close encounters like this? We live in a fairly suburban area so I’m always shocked when I see things like this!

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