The Crimes of Grindelwald at Showcase Cinema

“After all this time?” said Dumbledore, “Always,” replied Snape. I am a Potterhead. I’ve loved the story since my Aunt bought me the book back when it was first released and I still love it now.

The new films in the Fantastic Beasts series are no exception, and I like many other Harry Potter fans have been very excited about the new film.

When Showcase Cinema offered me* the chance to see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald at a special preview event two days ahead of public release I literally fell off my chair, and for the rest of the day was absolutely beaming.

Here’s what I thought of the film, don’t worry there’s no spoilers, and the cinema.

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Literally pinch me, I can’t believe I had the opportunity to do something like this and see the film ahead of time. I am beyond grateful and thrilled it was my favourite local cinema that invited me.

Showcase has really upped the average cinema trip, and let’s face it cinema needed to up its game especially when you’re paying a decent amount for tickets.

The big reclining leather seats and plenty of leg room is just one of the features that set Showcase Cinema apart from its competitors. The seats make you feel like you’re on a big sofa at home, only better! Everything at Showcase feels luxury and I’ve heard the VIP packages where you have access to a separate area, food and drink is brilliant too.

We made our way to our seats, with a Costa (yes they have a Costa in the cinema at the Southampton branch!) and adjusted our seats for the film. Oh they also have man awesome fizzy drinks machine where you can make lots of different flavoured Coca Cola, Fanta and Sprite drinks. My favourite are the peach and cherry versions – I could drink my body weight in them!

The excited audience went from bustling and rustling to absolute silence as the familiar music and faces appeared on the screen and the film started.

Now I’m not going to ruin anything because I’m all for #Protectthesecrets, the hashtag being used to protect all the films revelations. And, my word there are so many secrets, twists and turns and jaw-dropping moments. It is captivating.

I came away from the film absolutely amazed, it’s so good and I can’t wait to watch it again and catch the little things you miss on the first viewing.

The film is truly magical and I enjoyed it a lot more than the first as I was a bit more familiar with the characters and where the story might be heading. The story follows Newt Scamander, Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald as their lives become ever more entwined.

The biggest casting surprise of the film, for me, was Jude Law as Dumbledore. What a shock! Jude, I am sorry buddy, I was anti you as Dumbledore as I just couldn’t see you in that role when I love you in films like Alfie and The Holiday. I owe you a big, fat apology, Jude you make an absolutely stellar Dumbledore.

By the end of the film I’d warmed more to Johnny Depp as Grindelwald as I think you get to see more of his character in this film. I say warm to him, I’m not sure how much you can like the “baddie”.

There’s a return to Hogwarts and there’s a familiarity that I think helps fuel the more magical vibes of the film. It felt more like a Harry Potter film and that was no bad thing. I can’t describe it but after the film I had those warm fuzzy feelings in my stomach that the first series of films still give me.

I watched it in 3D which is great at certain moments as it really shows off the amazing dynamic scenes in the film. If you like 3D, you’ll love this. I can’t lie though, for any film, I hate 3D, it make my head spin – this isn’t the cinemas fault, it’s just a very popular trend that I’m not onboard with!

Harry Potter fans, you aren’t going to be disappointed. Go see the film and come back so we can chat about all the revelations immediately please!

We loved it so much that we booked to see it again at Showcase Cinema at West Quay in Southampton and I can’t wait!

Watch The Crimes of Grindelwald trailer here…

Thank you Showcase Cinemas!



The view from my seat!

* Gifted PR experience – BUT all opinions are my own, otherwise what’s the point?!

A huge thank you to Showcase Cinemas for the invite I had a wonderful time as you can tell!

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