The Coffee Cabin on Southsea Common

Make mine a coffee to go from The Coffee Cabin on Southsea Common!

This tiny cabin is a wonderful addition to the common and the perfect place for a caffeine hit and cake pitstop.

I mean who doesn’t like tea or coffee and a slice of cake?

The Coffee Cabin on Southsea Common in Portsmouth, Hampshire


A tiny wooden cabin sits proudly out on the flat landscape of Southsea Common.

It’s hard to explain exactly where it is, and I spent a lot of time walking around and around. It didn’t help that my first visit was just before Victorious Festival and all the security walls were being installed.

It’s back from Southsea Aquarium and the tennis courts and sits closer to the main road than you’d think. It’s definitely in the middle of those buildings and the residential area and the main road that runs parallel to the coast. Cheat and resort to Google Maps. It’s just not worth walking round and round the tennis courts like I did!

The Coffee Cabin

The Coffee Cabin itself is very sweet and offers a large range of drinks, ice cream, lunch staples like jacket potatoes and a wonderful selection of cakes.

For a little cabin it really does offer a lot. It also is in a very useful spot because there aren’t really any cafes there unless you wall back off the Common.

The Coffee Cabin on Southsea Common in Portsmouth, Hampshire

With some seating outside and treats and water bowls outside for dogs it is a very welcoming prospect. The staff inside were equally warm and friendly.

The coffee wasn’t bad too, the cakes a real treat and it is the perfect stop on a walk or for an impromptu picnic.

A coffee from The Coffee Cabin on Southsea Common in Portsmouth, Hampshire

Inside the Cabin

Inside The Coffee Cabin it’s all pastel colours, wooden features and hip tiles. Pastel green accents the fresh white interior, food display cabinets and palm frond logo.

The Coffee Cabin on Southsea Common in Portsmouth, Hampshire

The owners have done so much with a small space to be able to offer such a large range of food and drink.

There’s a couple of seats inside but it focuses more on take away and when you’re on Southsea Common you’d probably much prefer to be outside as long as the weather holds.

The Coffee Cabin on Southsea Common in Portsmouth, Hampshire


Everything is served in compostable cups or containers and cutlery. Straws are paper and there’s other little touches like that which show real attention to detail and commitment to recycling.

It’s a welcome change and it meant I could put my coffee cup in my compost bin when I got home.

A great addition

The Coffee Cabin is a great addition to the foodie scene in Southsea and Portsmouth. It’s very well situated and worth remembering when you’re next on a walk on the Common.

Visit the Coffee Cabin Facebook page.

Have you discovered The Coffee Cabin yet? Let me know in the comments below.

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    1. We’re really starting to adopt the Aussie style of coffee houses. It’s really quite cool. There’s lots of lovely things like this popping up in England. I think you’d like it a lot.

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