Temple Spa Facials at Southampton Harbour Hotel

ᵃᵈ  A little bit of self care goes a long way! A well needed time out at the spa is restorative, relaxing and a little bit of luxury that can put you back together when you need it most.

Southampton Harbour Hotel now have luxurious Temple Spa treatments available at its spa and they invited me to a skin therapy workshop, something they call a Spa’rty!

Guided facials were the order of the evening and I left feeling calmer and with a very pampered, clean, glowing face.

Southampton Harbour Hotel

I joined the Southampton Blogger community for a night of luxury skin care and walked into skin care heaven.

A table laid up with beauty stations at the Southampton Harbour Hotel

It was in a beautiful private room that was set up so we each had our own skin care station.

And, the lovely Temple Spa team were there to guide us and answer questions – it was so luxe and I think it really reflects the hotel too. They are a great match and it feels like the perfect combination.

There was also a delicious mediterranean buffet to reflect the ingredients and inspiration that drives that Temple Spa brand.

A mediterranean buffet - a table full of hummus, cured meats, olives and arancini.

Everything had been thought through so well, a light supper was followed by a brand presentation, skin analysis and a guided facial.

A delicious coconut mousse with mango coulis and raspberries
A delicious coconut mousse with mango coulis and raspberries


The guided facial started with a skin assessment and then we were advised which products would be best for our skin type.

We started by removing all our make up and then we used ‘In the beginning’, a deep pore and exfoliating balm cleanser, on our face to take the remains of the day off and give the skin a good exfoliate.

The texture of Temple Spa products is really stand out – they feel rich, soft and really beneficial to your skin. It calls it the ‘cashmere’ effect and I can really understand why!

Headband on and facial ready!

Then we toned with ‘Toning Essence’ and this was cool and refreshing and was a welcome contrast to the balm cleanser we’d just used. This removed any excess dirt, traces of oil and makeup and helps correct and balance the pH of your skin.

I liked it because it didn’t leave my skin tight, it just left my skin feeling fresh and smelt amazing.

Face Masks & Multi Masking

The skin assessment reaffirmed my oily t-zone status and I was recommended some great products to balance this out.

The first started with some face mask, and I love face masks – it’s the one part of the skin care routine I religiously do.

The Temple Spa face masks are excellent and I zoned my skin to target my tricky areas.

Bex with different face masks in different areas
I’m well aware of how ludicrous I look! 😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈 But my skin the week after was INCREDIBLE!

For the more sensitive areas I used the ‘Be Calm’ mask, it’s the white one on my face.

For the more oily and problem areas I added the ‘Purification’ mask, a thick clay cleansing mask which is great for deep cleansing and it is also anti-blemish.

It’s described as a decongestant for the skin controlling excess sebum, unblocking pores and has anti-aging benefits. This mask was tingly and left a lovely cool feeling, and for the week after my t-zone has been so clear, so I think I’m going to invest in some of this and add it into my routine.

The last mask I tried had the most silky luxurious texture and was gold! It is called the ‘Trufflesque’ and it left my skin radient, firm and plump. It’s packed full of anti-aging and hydrating ingredients.

Bex removing a face mask with a warm towel

To take the masks off, the team brought us hot towels to take them off with, I mean, I could happily get used to that. It was that extra touch that makes the whole skin care process that little bit extra and helps open up those pores to draw out those impurities.

Some of the Temple Spa Masks lined up in a display.
Some of the Temple Spa Masks

Skin Care

Once we’d cleansed, toned and masked we then added a serum called ‘Be Strong’ full of vitamin A, C and D and some moisturising creams. I still really like a serum, when you’re on the go these concentrated formulas give a little boost and help keep your skin in tip top condition.

To the eyes we added ‘Windows of the Soul’ eye cream, this didn’t feel greasy, soaked in easily and didn’t irritate my very sensitive eyes.

Top Tip – I love learning a new beauty tip and the Temple Spa team recommend putting on neck creams and gels with the back of your hand to protect the delicate skin on your , so that’s how I added the ‘Exalt’ neck gel. I’ll definitely be using this tip in future!

I felt so refreshed afterwards!

We finished everything off with the ‘Repose’ face cream which is thick, rich and the perfect overnight cream. It’s described as ‘a good night’s sleep in a jar’ and I understand why, because my skin looks a lot plumper and vibrant in the mornings after I’ve used it.

‘Repose’ is actually my current moisturiser, I got it before Christmas and it’s really helped my skin survive the awful weather this winter.

After all this pampering I felt wonderful, my skin looked glowy, plump and yes I’ve raved about the products but, to be honest I was also very glad to have some time to focus on my skin routine.

I think that’s why booking a Temple Spa treatment at the hotel is so nice because you can actually dedicate a big chunk of time to your own well being and skin care.

Temple Spa Treatments

As you can tell I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed discovering the Temple Spa products that are used in the spa treatments. Temple Spa have over 40 amazing treatments and there’s a great selection of them at the Southampton Harbour Hotel.

See the list of Temple Spa treatments at Southampton Harbour Hotel.

I recently tried the ‘Work It Out’ back massage and it was absolutely incredible. I wrote a review recommending it because it was one of the best massages I’ve ever had I left floating on a cloud.

Click to read ‘A spa day at Southampton Harbour Hotel’.

Let me know if you try a treatment at the Southampton Harbour Hotel or a Temple Spa product, I’d love to know your thoughts!

Bex and Jo with face masks on smiling at the camera for a selfie.
Face mask fun with fellow blogger Jo Fisher!

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