The Fitness Diaries August 2019 – Exercise and illness

The Fitness Diaries August 2019 – Exercise and illness

Month six of my fitness journey is another rollercoaster of a month. Just when I had got back on the wagon, I came down with a bug and was a bit under the weather.

Setbacks be dammed, the motivation is real!

These posts are not preachy, it’s just documenting one girl’s mission to feel happier in herself.

Join me as I share my journey, work outs and motivations in August.

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Creative Campaigns #3: Powerade’s workout billboards

Looking for campaign inspiration? Well I’m back with a creative campaign that will get you thinking!

Recently in Berlin Ogilvy & Mather found a way to directly link their product to its intended purpose through advertising that actively created brand engagement.

Most companies with a service or product are looking to create active links between their brand and its purpose. By finding a link to join the two directly with its stakeholders, or customers in this case, is a fun way of actively bringing it to their attention with a reward of the product itself at the end. Everyone loves a freebie!